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Dog put down after being dumped in Londonderry with legs bound and ‘broken and bent’ knees

A dog which was found with its legs bound after being dumped and “left for dead” in the outskirts of Londonderry has been put to sleep.

Olunteers from a Derry based animal rehoming organization responded to “frantic” calls after the distressed canine was found in a “well known dumping ground” on Tuesday evening.

Friends of Rescue nursed the wounded animal through the night.

“He was skin and bones and covered in his own faeces,” it posted on social media.

“His foster clipped him down, washed him off, cleaned his wounded body and gave him some food along with some basic pain relief and he fell fast sleep.

“He was exhausted, he was comfortable and warm for the first time in a long time.”


Friends of Rescue tried in vain to save Willy

The abandoned mogul, named Willy by those who desperately tried to save him, was taken to a vet first thing on Wednesday morning before immediately being put on further pain relief and X-rayed.

“It was much worse than we could have expected,” the animal rescue organization said.

“Heartbreakingly so.”


Friends of Rescue shared X-ray footage after Willy was treated by vet

X-rays revealed the dog’s two hind knees were bent and broken resulting in severe pain and discomfort.

“This dog couldn’t move his legs – they weren’t working, he couldn’t stand,” the heart-breaking post continued.

“Due to his breed and the problems they face, removing any hind legs isn’t an option – we didn’t have options.

“Losing after a fight is one thing but losing without a fight is another and our hearts are sore and sorry than we couldn’t help him.

“He slipped off peacefully and comfortable and he mattered.

“This is why we are sharing his story.

“He mattered and his name was Willy and Albeit a short while, he belonged to our family and that will always remain.”

The organization said the incident has “quite literally ripped our hearts out” as it warned abuse and neglect of animals happens daily.

It also had this message for those responsible.

“To whoever ‘owned’ him and watched him like this and left him like this, you should hang your head in shame,” the post continued.

“He wasn’t chipped for us even to investigate any further but you know who you are and so will your friends, family and neighbours.”

The organization thanked the passers-by who found Willy, raised the alarm and sat with him until a volunteer arrived.

“His foster mum who is just over Covid had no hesitation in bringing this boy home and although we didn’t know, we would say it was the kindest night he’s ever had,” it added on Facebook.


Friends of Rescue tried in vain to save Willy

“Sometimes the best we can offer is warm belly, a clean bed and the comfort of not feeling all that pain.

“We just wish it had been longer

“So this is for you Willy, stranded with no mobility and no voice – but we will do that for you.

“Your s****y existence hasn’t been in vain, you mattered and you are remembered.”

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