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Dog With Luscious Flowing Mane Mistaken for an Actual Person

A dog with such luscious fur is taking the internet by storm, with people mistaking the pooch for a real-life person.

Roman is an Afghan hound, a breed known for their enviable mane, which are often spotted at dog shows, including the world famous Crufts.

The American Kennel Club (AKC), which recognized the breed in 1926, described the majestic pooches as “regal.”

It said: “Among the most eye-catching of all dog breeds, the Afghan hound is an aloof and dignified aristocrat of sublime beauty.”

And it’s not hard to see why, with Afghans sporting luxuriously long fur, enough to rival any supermodel.

“But the thick, silky, flowing coat that is the breed’s crowning glory isn’t just for show: it served as protection from the harsh climate in mountainous regions where Afghans originally earned their keep,” AKC explained.

While we’re not sure if Roman, based in Minneapolis, is heading to the mountains for a hunt any time soon, the internet has agreed his full head of hair is a thing of beauty.

Clips of the pooch, born in 2017, have been shared to TikTok by his owner, under username @severus.snoot, where they’ve been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

One clip, shared on Wednesday, fooled numerous people as Roman was filmed at an unusual angle, showing off his mane while obscuring his face.

The camera panned round, revealing the owner of the hairstyle was in fact of a four-legged variety, as numerous TikTokers admitted they thought the hair belonged to a human.

Original60sgirl wrote: “Could have fooled me!” Stacey Taylor commented: “I didn’t see that coming. Such a beautiful pup.” While SaNdiE DaGo said: “I fell for it.”

The video, captioned “just to clarify,” has now amassed more than 450,000 views

Numerous other TikTokers joked about Roman’s hair care regime, as Jullianna Carmona commented: “Imagine seeing your dog at the end of the bed in the middle of the night looking like the girl from the ring.”

Maya suggests: “Give them bangs.”

Shorts-papi thought: “They slayed with that head tilt.”

Natalia H. joked: “You need to use the Dyson curler.”

“Miss Sarah Jessika Barker,” Dima thought.

Thebbookblogger asked: “But like what shampoo does she use?” Dovahkiin raved: “Love it. Her hair is stunning.”

While Kim Noble Falls admitted: “I am feeling so insecure—this beautiful creature has better hair than I.”

Roman even has his own Instagram page, under account @an.afghan.named.roman, where the bio confirmed: “My name is Roman! My birthday is 4/12/2017. I am an Afghan Hound. And I LOVE to run .”

Unsurprisingly, Afghans require a lot of grooming owing to their coat, which does require a lather, rinse and repeat.

AKC advised: “Afghan puppies have short, fuzzy coats (including adorable facial hair called ‘monkey whiskers’) that require little maintenance. They don’t stay that way for long, however.

“As is to be expected, the long, silky coat of an adolescent or adult Afghan requires regular grooming. Several hours per week of brushing are needed to keep the hair free of tangles and mats, as well as to remove any debris.

“Keeping the hair clean and mat-free is the key to keeping the Afghan’s glorious coat looking its best. Regular bathing, with shampoo and conditioner, is also required.”

Newsweek reached out to @severus.snoot for comment.

File photo of an Afghan Hound. A dog with incredibly human-like hair is fooling people online.
iv-serg/Getty Images

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