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Dogs, rabbits, chickens and cats that need homes in Dorset

Dorset-based animal rescue center Margaret Green is looking to find permanent homes for dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits.

All the details are below.


Dexter is an incredibly handsome, male German Shepherd who is three-years-old. He is very affectionate once he gets to know you and he absolutely loves a good back scratch! He enjoys walking and being outside with other dogs, but he would like to be the only pet in the household. He is looking for an experienced, adult-only home with owners who will undertake some training with him.

Bournemouth Echo: WhitneyWhitney

Whitney is a sweet, female Lurcher who is approximately two-years-old and loves having a fuss made of her. She is very playful and she enjoys doing zoomies when she gets excited! She could live with other dogs, as long as they meet first and get along. She could also live with older children, but she would prefer not to live with cats.

Bournemouth Echo: Dukeduke

Duke is a lovely, four-year-old, ex-racing Greyhound. He is an excitable boy who is always ready for his next adventure. He loves being out and about and exploring new places. He adores his toys, especially the squeaky ones, and he could play with them for hours. He is looking to be the only pet in an adult-only household, so that he can have all the cuddles to himself!

To register an interest in rehoming Dexter, Whitney or Duke, please contact the team at Lincoln Farm:

Bournemouth Echo: RileyRiley

Riley is a sweet, nine-year-old boy who is looking for his forever home. He is a friendly lad but he can be a little worried when he first meets you. He would prefer to be the only pet in the household, but he could possibly live with older children.

Bournemouth Echo: BarbaraBarbara

Barbara is a two-year-old chicken who is looking for a home with her three companions. They are a very inquisitive group of girls who love nothing more than scratching around and exploring their surroundings. They are on the older side, so their laying has become a little sporadic.

Bournemouth Echo: VernonVernon

Vernon is looking for a forever home with his female best friend, Tikka. They are both three-years-old and they are quite adventurous. They are currently not keen on being handled, but this is something that could develop over time, as they enjoy having a fuss whilst on the floor. They love being up high and jumping around, so they will need a home with plenty of space.

To register an interest in rehoming Riley, Barbara or Vernon and Tikka, please contact the team at Church Knowle:


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