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Doja Cat Among Fans of Rare Wolf Cat Obsessed With Using Massage Tool

Award-winning rapper, singer and songwriter Doja Cat has joined thousands of fans in admiring a viral video featuring an unusual cat that loves his owner’s massage gun.

Shared on TikTok on Wednesday by Taylor Allard—who uses the handle tayallard on the video-sharing app—the video shows their Lykoi cat enjoying a little pampering with a massage gun.

With over 760,000 views and more than 125,000 likes, the video has gained lots of attention, including that of “Kiss Me More” singer Doja Cat who commented: “What kind of cat is this please.”

Sporting a super sweet sweater in the video, the cat belongs to the Lykoi breed that gets its name from the Greek word for wolf. Sometimes referred to as werewolf cats, they grow patchy throughout their bodies—including on their faces where they are mostly hairless, causing the distinctive mask-like appearance.

Recognized as a breed in 2011, the Lykoi has been considered part of feral cat populations for years.

Often compared with Sphynx cats, they actually share no genetic connection. Despite the stand-out appearance, the breed is known for being easy-going, friendly and playful, and are said to be great pets with other animals and humans.

One delighted TikTok user commented: “Aw he’s so happy, the way he hugged it was precious.” Another user wrote: “This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen an animal do in my life. It’s awesome! Love it.”

In the video, Allard is keeping their kitty happy gently using the massage gun as he rocks his head in delight and hugs it with his paws. In a later comment, they clarified: “For concern about the massage gun being used on him, it’s on the lowest setting and I just hold it, no pressure is applied which is how the vet says it can be used. He rubs his body all over it. This is one second of him playing with it.”

He’s not the only pet known to enjoy a bit of fuss from a massage tool. In January this pug went viral after enjoying a face massage. Another cat back in 2021 also delighted the internet after getting the perfect head massage.

One viewer felt solidarity with the cat and wrote: “This is me after I put that same device on my sore muscles.” Another commenter said: “It’s soothing, my cat does the same thing.” But it turns out not all cats are keen as one TikTok user shared: “That’s too funny. My son tried that on his cat and the cat said ‘no way!.'”

Newsweek has reached out to taylard for comment.

A file photo of a Lykoi cat (L) and a picture of a massage gun tool (R). A cat’s adorable reaction to a massage tool has delighted the internet.
Nynke van Holten/AndreyPopov/Getty Images

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