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Dr Scott Miller tells people to stay away from their cats if they have Covid

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This Morning’s celebrity vet Dr Scott Miller has advised people to stay away from their cats and dogs if they have Covid.

Pets worldwide, including cats and dogs, have been infected with the virus that causes Covid, mostly after contact with people who are suffering from the virus.

The risk of animals spreading Covid to people, however, is low.

Speaking on a segment on the show to presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary about what people need to know if they’ve got Covid and pets, Dr Scott said he still thought it was best to keep away from them.

Speaking to the Aussie vet Alison said: ‘For anyone who’s worried at home, and thinking does my pet have coronavirus, what sort of advice do you have for them?’

In response, Dr Scott said: ‘Well, I’d say, if you’ve got coronavirus yourself, like in the case of cats, try and keep a little bit of distance.

‘Cats are the best at social distancing anyway, so they will normally keep away from other people.

‘So, maybe just keep away from them if you are self isolating.

Dr Scott Miller offered advice to people over how to care for their pets during the Covid-19 pandemic (Photo: This Morning)

‘The same is the case for dogs, if you’ve got a dog, for dogs we feel that they’re more of a surface to be coated with the coronavirus.

‘So it’s just something if you have coronavirus in your house, maybe don’t let other people pat your dog’.

O’Leary then asked Dr. Scott if you should be concerned about your pets, to which the celeb vet tried to set people’s minds at rest.

‘There has been one instance of a rag doll kitten in Glasgow who passed away aged just four months, but that’s the only one that I’m aware of, most of the time it’s mild symptoms’.

Dr Scott Miller has offered lots of advice through the coronavirus pandemic to pet owners, on how to care for their pets during the pandemic.

In March 2020, he appeared on This Morning and offered tips to people on how they can keep their pets happy and healthy in lockdown.

At the time, he warned that pets can contract certain types of coronavirus, there was no evidence that they could contract Covid.

According to gov.co.uk, Covid spreads from human to human, and there is limited evidence that some animals, including pets, can become infected with the virus that causes Covid after close contact with infected humans.

The advice continued: ‘Pet owners who have Covid or who are self-isolating with symptoms should restrict contact with pets and wash their hands thoroughly before and after interacting with their pet.’

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