Elden Ring Giant Bird Rune Farm Location and How to Farm

Improving your character in Elden ring could be much easier if you find the giant bird in the Rune farm of Mohgwyn Palace!

Level up your character in Elden ring gets harder and harder as you progress in the game as every new level requires more Runes than before. It won’t take you long until you realize that every level up requires beyond tens of thousands of Runes and killing the low-level enemies won’t help much.

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So, you either need to go and fight against tough enemies and bosses, or you can simply find a Rune farm! There are a number of Rune farms in Elden ring that reward you with a good amount, but the one in Mohgwyn Palace is definitely the biggest Rune farm in the game so far!

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Elden Ring Giant Bird Rune Farm Location

As said earlier, this Rune farm is located in Mohgwyn Palace and there are two different ways to get there.

If you have progressed enough in the game and have already unlocked the Mountaintops of the Giants, then you can easily go to the Mohgwyn Palace through a portal.

All you need to do is to head to the marked location on the map below, where you will find a portal. Travel through the portal and you will face a boss in a passage. Ignore it and continue your way until you reach Mohgwyn Palace.

Mohgwyn’s portal at Mountaintops of the Giants (Captured from MapGenie.io)

However, if you haven’t reached Mountaintops of the Giants yet, there is still a way to get to the palace, though you need to defeat Godrick, the Grafted first. He is the second campaign boss at Stormveil Castle.

After defeating him, you need to start the White-Faced Varre questline. He is the same NPC that you spoke with at the very beginning of the game when you entered Limgrave. Yes, the one that called you “Maidenless!”

After defeating Godrick, he will be at the Rose Church in Liurnia the Lakes, we have already covered this location in a separate guide that you can check out here!

Once you talk to him, you will get three bloody fingers. Use all of them to invade other players’ worlds three times. It doesn’t matter if you kill your opponents or die.

Now get back to Varre and talk to him once again. He will give you a cloth and will ask you to soak it in a maiden’s blood. For this, you should head to Four Belfiries in Liurnia of the Lakes. There are a number of shrines in this area. Head towards the last Shrine at the top of the village. Open the chest in front of it and pick up the Imbued Sword Key.

Four Belfiries (Captured from MapGenie.io)

Now, get back to the shrine just before the one you are at. Use the Imbued key on the Imbued statue and the portal will be activated. Travel through Portal. This will take you to where the game started. If you spot a boss, kill it and then continue the way up inside the church. Right after entering the church, there is a corpse on the left side. Soak the cloth in that blood and take it back to Varre at Rose Church.

Talk to Varre a few times until he gives you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Now, use the medal, and you will spawn in Mohgwyn Palace.

How to Farm Runes

Now that you are in Mohgwyn Palace, head to the Site of Grace at top of an edge overseeing the bloody lake.

Location of the Site of Grace at Mohgwyn (Provided by RageGamingVideos)

After resting, stand at the edge of the cliff and equip your bow. You should be able to see a giant bird in the bloody lake. Hit it with an arrow, and the angry bird will drop off resulting in its death. With that, you will earn 11,000 runes. If you equip the Rune-boosting scarab, this amount increases to 13,200 Runes.

Now, rest at the Site of Grace again, and repeat the action. This way, you can earn up to 13,200 Runes every 20 seconds.

Elden ring is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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