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Fishman Reveals $2 Million “Program” With Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Equine Hospital – Horse Racing News

The closing arguments were a late scratch Jan. 31 in veterinarian Dr. Seth Fishman’s equine doping trial that was being held in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.
New York U.S. District Court Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil met with attorneys for both sides in the robbery, then called the jury into the courtroom and sent them home. She told jurors to return to court on February 1.
“There were legal issues that need to be addressed,” Vyskocil told the jury of eight women and four men.
But Fishman’s absence from court only deepened the mystery. His wife, Hanna, was in the courtroom in the morning and at one point looked visibly upset. He is free on $100,000 bond and has appeared in court for each of the previous eight trial sessions.
The only other clue to what was going on came when Fishman’s attorney, Maurice Sercarz, appeared in the courtroom after the jury dismissal and told the judge that Fishman was on his way to the hospital.
“We are in open court,” Vyskocil Sercarz said as a warning.
Sercarz and his co-lawyer Marc Fernich and prosecutors declined to comment further.
The lawyers showed up in the afternoon for another locker room conference. The day ended with Vyskocil never returning to the bench.
Closing arguments were to begin after the prosecution ended its case and the defense rested without calling a single witness, including Fishman. The jury heard five days of testimony from 11 government witnesses.
Fishman, 50, is on trial for conspiracy to violate tampering drug and misbranding laws. He is accused of supplying horse trainers with illegal performance-enhancing drugs designed to evade testing by racing regulators in various states, including Florida, New York and Kentucky.
Sercarz says the actions his client has been accused of were taken to protect the health and welfare of the horses in accordance with his oath as a licensed veterinarian.
Prosecutors allege Fishman was part of a larger conspiracy to dope racehorses that included top trainers Jorge Navarro and Jason Servis and two dozen others. The US Attorney’s Office in New York announced the charges in March 2020.
Servis is awaiting trial and Navarro was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty.
Servis’ name did not come up in the testimonies, but Navarro’s name came up several times. Prosecutors said Navarro paid Fishman tens of thousands of dollars for PEDs.
The jury saw video of Navarro’s doped-up XY Jet winning a $2.5 million race in Dubai in 2019. In text seen by the jury after the race, Navarro thanked Fishman for his help.
During the trial, prosecutors also released an FBI wiretap in which Navarro was recorded talking to Fishman.
Another prominent name that emerged in court in one of the wiretaps was that of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and owner of the successful international racing stable Godolphin.
On the wiretap, Fishman appears to be discussing a $2 million “scheme” with Dubai’s Sheikh Hospital, known as Dubai Equine.
On the other end of the line on the 2019 call was Florida harness trainer Adrienne Hall, who testified Thursday that Fishman put her on a program with her PEDs and administered the drugs to a horse that had won a race at low level. Hall agreed to testify in exchange for a non-prosecution agreement.
A transcript of the wiretap obtained on Monday begins with Fishman telling Hall that his program “isn’t instantaneous.”
“Okay, so okay, because they race on Sunday, they will be there on Monday. I gave the other stuff away today anyway,” Hall said.
Fishman goes on to say that it takes a week or two to get things started.
“It’s a program,” he says. “It’s a program that Dubai Equine spent probably $2 million to design their thoroughbreds, you know? It’s part of a program that, uh, you know… there are other things as well.
Fishman goes on to say that he was bringing Hall slowly.
Fishman adds: “They do this for all their horses and overall they are very happy. Shiekh (sic) Mohammed Maktum (sic) said the best three years, you know, in the 30 years he has raced and they are very happy. So I share some stuff with you. But again, this is for Thoroughbreds, so we just have to tweak something because some of the stuff I design for Standardbreds, they don’t work.
A tally shows the wiretap was one of 55 recordings the jury heard in the case. Almost all involved Fishman.

Major Thoroughbred industry publications are working together to cover this key trial.

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