Flocks of birds swarm from the mall parking lot in Texas

It’s like an Alfred Hitchcock film come to life.

Video captured Jan. 8 shows flocks of birds perched on cars and flying over a parking lot in Frisco, Texas.

Kenna Mitchell was in front of Stonebriar Mall when she captured the unsettling sight of dozens of birds taking over the parking lot and their incessant screeching.

“We went to Stonebriar Mall just after dark and the entrance by the Cheesecake Factory was overrun by thousands of birds,” Mitchell said.

Still from video showing flocks of birds overtaking a parking lot at a Texas mall.

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“These grackles were on top of cars, in the trees, and there were flocks everywhere you looked. Other people in the parking lot were just amazed at the sheer number of birds,” Mitchell continued.

“Very noisy and very disgusting, but still a beautiful sight! Definitely need a car wash now!” she added.

According to Texas A&M Grilife Research, the common grackle is often seen in north and east Texas.

“Flocks of these long-legged, social birds swoop and pounce with amazing (some might say deafening) voices on suburban lawns, golf courses, fields and swamps in Texas, the Southwest and the southern Great Plains,” states the All About Birds website.

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