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Food bank for pets helping those in need in Simcoe County

A group of volunteers in Simcoe County dedicates much of their time to ensuring no animal in the area goes hungry.

The South Simcoe Pet Food Bank started five years ago to provide support to anyone struggling to care for their furry friends properly. The group behind it decided to use their previous experience working in animal rescues for the cause at hand.

“We’ve all come to the conclusion that most animals, most pets are not surrendered to shelters because they are unloved; they’re surrendered because somebody had to make a hard decision, and that was usually a financial decision,” says Erin Sanderson. , one of the group’s lead volunteers. “So our hope is to keep people and their pets together by providing that temporary support.”

The food bank, which Sanderson says was started upon noticing a growing need, is targeted towards anyone from Barrie, Innisfil and Bradford who needs help. They are reliant on community donations, with some local pet stores donating products on a bi-monthly basis.

“When we first began, we started with just product, so we would just collect product only and distribute the product as was needed,” Sanderson says. “Now we do a shout out on our page, and the outpouring from the community in Bradford, Innisfil and Barrie and even outside of these areas as well is just tremendous, and we couldn’t do it without the people who donate.”

The group supported victims of last summer’s EF2 tornado, which devastated residential neighborhoods throughout the region.

He is currently looking for more volunteers. Now they are unable to provide delivery options; However, if more volunteers join the effort, the group may be able to expand its support options.

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