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From a crow to a cat: Blues at the Crossroads organizer announces logo change | News

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A local event logo will change after concern from the community.

The logo for Blues at the Crossroads will now feature an ally cat. The idea behind the decision is to pay tribute to Scatman Crothers, a musician from Terre Haute.

The former logo for the festival featured a crow playing the banjo. Some raised concern that it was insensitive to Black people.

On Tuesday night, there was a community meeting to discuss the plan moving forward.

We received a written statement on Wednesday morning from event organizer Connie Wrin.

It said:

“We see the world through the lens of our personal experiences. If we are going to build a community where we have understanding, acceptance, empathy and progress we have to stop and listen. I am far from perfect and I don’t claim to understand what anyone else has experienced in their life. I hope we all came here today to start listening. When I thought of the crow as the image for this years blues fest, it was based on my experiences with the crows downtown. I thought we should just stop trying to keep them away and embrace them. My mind was literally only thinking about the crow as a bird. I thought we could make the bird look cool by playing an instrument and chilling under a tree. Several days after the image was released to the public I was made aware that some people in the community were offended by the crow, because they associated the image with Jim Crow and segregation. I was completely caught off guard. I want everyone to know this was never a thought during the creation o f this marketing logo. We pulled the image down while we reached out to people who have studied black culture in this country and the history of the crow as it relates to black culture. We spoke with multiple educators and a historian on African American Studies. I also spoke with multiple black friends of mine who I trusted would be honest with me about the image. They all said they weren’t offended by the crow, but could see how some people may be. At this point I thought lets make it clear that the logo is representing a murder of crows and lets open the conversation. Changing the image doesn’t change the fact that racism occurs. I believe we should take the power away from those who used the crow to offend. We can shut our eyes and look the other way, but that doesn’t bring change. We have all received calls from people in the community and the fact remains that this image is offensive to some people. It’s impossible to not offend someone, but if I can make an easy change to the image to decrease the divisiveness this has created, then I’m willing to do that. I’m glad this has created a platform for this conversation and for all of us to come together.

Moving forward we believe an alley cat would be a really good compromise. I mentioned this idea to James Taylor and he loved the idea, because it pays tribute to Scatman Crothers. A famous Terre Haute musician and actor.”


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