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German Shepherd is amazingly shopping for veteran in remarkable viral clip

The astonishing video showed the German Shepherd Assistance Dog in action in the middle of a busy Walmart in the United States, as she went to collect her owner’s coffee for him

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Veteran trains dog to find coffee in supermarket

A service dog’s incredible ability to understand its owner’s instructions has shocked and impressed viewers on TikTok.

This viral clip shows the German Shepherd perfectly following orders in the middle of a busy Walmart store in the United States, as she incredibly does her owner’s groceries.

CC the assistance dog can easily identify the correctly colored can of coffee to take to its owner, walking down the crowded aisle on her own to retrieve the item with no problem.

The dog’s owner, Matthew Sutherland, an American veteran, can be heard asking CC to bring him the breakfast coffee, which comes in a yellow box, a command his dog is able to easily understand.

The video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @official_call_me_blue, shows how well trained service dogs can be, with CC’s incredible ability to understand his owner wowing viewers.

The German Shepherd easily chose the right coffee

The dog fetch the coffee with incredible ease

Other shoppers were also stunned by the German Shepherd’s display of poise and obedience, with the video recorder praising the intelligent puppy.

The clip was a huge hit on the video sharing app, with over 7.6 million views and over 1.1 million likes.

German Shepherds as a breed are known for their intelligence.

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CC isn’t the only German Shepherd to have seen success on the video-sharing app lately, either, after this canine rendition of a Whitney Houston classic caused viewers to cry with laughter.

Max the German Shepherd is a huge fan of the hit song “I Will Always Love You” and apparently can never resist the urge to join in the chorus of the ballad.

Its owner is naturally tickled by Max’s habit and so turned to TikTok to share his fun with other users.

Another breed to have recently found fame on the platform was Daisy, who loved Disney and their attempts to play with a 101 Dalmatians dog.

The two-year-old German Shepherd hilariously copied Pongo the Dalmatian from the movie, shredding his toy the same way the character did with a hat in the clip.

Daisy’s timing was impeccable in the video, as she mimicked what she saw on screen almost perfectly.

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