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Glorious 12th under threat as bird flu causes game shortage

The Glorious 12th is under threat this year after a global outbreak of avian flu caused a shortage of birds.

Restrictions on the import of birds because of the outbreak has led to fears that the shooting season will be decimated, with some gamekeepers already being told that their services will not be needed.

France has paid its gamekeepers and farmers compensation to crush 25 million eggs because of the disease, many of which would have come to Scotland. Rules restricting the export of birds after an outbreak have also fueled the shortages.

The first day of the grouse shooting season across Britain, on Aug 12, is usually the most lucrative for sporting estates. But this year, they are facing catastrophic losses, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association warned.

Alex Hogg, the association’s chairman, said: “We are really concerned about it, we’ve had terrible problems sourcing pheasants and partridges this year. Some keepers have lost their jobs because there’s just no shooting to sustain it. It’s drastic. terrible

“The small shoots, they’re the ones that really suffer. Some of the bigger shoots have managed to hold together, but lots and lots of keepers are getting paid off and shoots are shutting down.”

In terms of financial losses, Mr Hogg added: “It’ll be millions. It’s also a winter tourism attraction which takes the hotels right through until January and it’s a great booster for them.”


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