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Golden Retriever and Deer have been best friends for 11 years

An unlikely bond between a deer and a golden retriever who have been best friends for 11 years has touched the hearts of netizens.

“They had a special relationship,” said Lorrie Brown, 52, of Branson, Missouri. “I’ve been in awe of her for years.”

(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

Almost 12 years ago, when she was rescued by Lorrie and her family as a little fawn, Buttons the deer was adopted by a happy, nature-loving family.

A friend of the Browns who had rescued a deer before and had experience raising it received a phone call from someone saying they had found a baby deer whose mother they believed had been hit by a car. Hands tied, when the Browns’ friends were unable to accommodate him, the Browns decided to step in themselves.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

Lorrie admits that at first the task of raising a deer was not easy, but she had her friend’s support.

“It’s a full-time job, like a baby,” said Lorrie, who also has four cats, a golden retriever and two puppies.

Initially, Buttons was fed every two hours by Lorrie with a pipette. Eventually, over time, she started being bottle-fed, then drifted further and further away from home, but still stayed there and showed up every once in a while.

“She’s become part of the family,” Lorrie said. “We always wanted her to be a deer and to be wild. But she grew up with our animals and she made friends with them.

Meanwhile, G-bro was welcomed into the family 11 years ago when Lorrie’s son wanted a dog for Christmas. After searching “high and low” for a pooch, G-bro was found and has been the cutest addition to the family ever since.

Soon after, a beautiful friendship broke out between G-bro and Buttons.

“They were just hanging out in our yard together, laying in the yard. Every time we were outside, walking around, the two were following us,” Lorrie said.

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(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

Buttons, who thought she was a dog, started following and doing whatever G-bro was doing. She loved playing with the family and G-bro. Also, like any other deer that would like to groom himself, Buttons also groomed G-bro.

“Pimples love to lick themselves,” Lorrie said. “And so she would always groom G-bro, and he must like it, it must make him feel good. He would literally drop in front of her because he wanted to be healed by her.

(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

Over time, Buttons began to venture further afield.

“We have about 10 miles of trails on our land,” Lorrie said. “Over time, she was getting further and further away from home and staying away a little longer.”

Later, as Buttons began having babies of her own, each year she showed up to show off her fawn to the family and her best pal, G-bro.

The first time Buttons lay in the garden and gave birth to her babies, Lorrie watched and then accompanied G-bro to see them.

“We were afraid at first that she didn’t want the dog there,” Lorrie said. “But he started gently licking the babies, and she didn’t care at all; she let him groom them and they played with him.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)
Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

Buttons trusts G-bro completely and knows he wouldn’t scare him.

Besides the beautiful friendship the two share, Lorrie says they also have similar personalities.

“They’re just both very affectionate and very kind,” Lorrie said. “Buttons is just very easy going and calm. We have swimming lessons for the kids in our house and Buttons is going to sit back and let everyone love him. Well, it’s the same with G-bro.

Witnessing such a unique friendship between a golden retriever and a deer, Lorrie’s son encouraged her to share the precious link on TikTok.

“I knew it was special, but I didn’t know a lot of people would think it was,” Lorrie said.

(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

Although she is with her flock, Buttons still wants to be part of the family. Sharing two touching incidents, Lorrie said Buttons was once not seen for a period of four to five days and Lorrie went out with their dogs on a trail not near the house. She suddenly heard something running behind, only to find that it was Buttons following them.

“She was so excited to see us, and then she basically hung out,” Lorrie said. “I just thought it was really cool that it’s like she knew her family was on the trails, and she wanted to come over there and say hello.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Lorrie Brown/Brown Family Hiking Trails)

In another touching incident, Buttons tried to protect the family by chasing a buck or doe. “It was almost like she was telling this deer that, ‘hey, that’s my crew going,'” Lorrie said.

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