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Golden Retriever Owner Finds Dog’s Sibling on Walk: ‘Insane Coincidence’

Owners of a golden retriever in Orange County were in for a shock when they bumped into an identical dog during a walk—only to discover they’re actually siblings.

Dogs Ahsoka and Aubrey were on their daily walks with their owners, when they just happened to encounter each other.

After noticing an uncanny resemblance between their dogs, and an impromptu play date occurring, it took just a few questions for their owners to discover that their dogs are actually siblings. The moment of realization was captured in an amazing viral video.

“I was walking my dog ​​when I saw a golden retriever that looked a lot like mine,” wrote Aubrey’s owner on-screen. “I honestly forgot which one was Aubrey,” he said on-camera.

The two dogs appeared identical, with the same color fur and same size. Seemingly, the pair noticed one another as they entangled themselves together.

“She looks exactly like her,” said Aubrey’s owner, before asking where Ahsoka’s owner got her, to see if there was a reason behind the apparent dopplegangers.

As luck would have it, they both got their dogs from the same breeder and both have the same dad, named Doc, thus making them half-sisters.

While Ahsoka and Aubrey continue to play with one another, oblivious to the discovery, their owners react excitedly.

“That’s crazy,” they exclaimed.

The makeshift episode of Long Lost Sibling hasn’t ended there either, as one dog owner in the comments even claimed theirs is another half-sister.

“Wait, this is my pup’s siblings too I’m guessing?? From Pam Berry in SoCal? I have one of Doc’s sons!” claimed a user.

“Omg literal reflections. The cutest thing I’ve seen all month,” added another TikTok viewer.

Accidentally discovering dog siblings is a heartwarming tale, and one that’s not just unique to these Orange County sisters.

In Tennessee, dog owner Jane Flanders Salazar made the accidental discovery that her two rescued dogs were actually full siblings.

Salazar initially only cared for Diego and used dog DNA testing site Embark to find out his breed, but soon discovered he had “two copies of a bad eye gene” meaning he would be likely to go blind.

After consulting a veterinarian, she discovered a companion dog would be a good choice for Diego in preparation for losing his eyesight. Salazar searched local shelters and found Dixie, a dog that looked similar to Diego.

There was no inkling however that the dogs would be siblings but simply look alike. After the benefits of testing DNA the first time, they did the same with Dixie, but made an even more surprising discovery—Dixie and Diego are full siblings.

“That was pretty shocking,” Salazar told Newsweek.

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