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Golden Retriever Puppy Who ‘Wobbles When He Walks’ Needs Surgery To Stop The Pain

Adorable Roxy went from ‘crazy little puppy running around’ to six-month-old dog in a lot of pain after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia

Goldie pup who wobbles when walking needs surgery to ease pain

An adorable golden retriever pup needs life-changing surgery to stop her ‘wobbly when she walks’, after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

Six-month-old Roxy went from a ‘crazy little pup running around’ to a dog suffering from ‘big brown eyes’.

Just two weeks ago, the puppy’s hind legs suddenly twitched and she couldn’t get up from the couch.

She now has to raise £11,000 before she can have a double hip replaced, as the operation exceeds her pet insurance cover.

Without surgery, Roxy will be left “in extreme pain and discomfort”, but with new hips she can “live a full and happy life just like any other dog”.

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Owner Rebecca North, based in Guildford, Surrey, bought eight-week-old Roxy from a “good breeder” last September.

Rebecca’s husband Elvis and their two children, Kayleigh, 17, and Kieran, 11, “absolutely fell in love” with Roxy, as did her new sibling, two-year-old golden retriever Kaleb.

Rebecca describes Roxy as “the most adorable and loving dog”.

Roxy has a “mischievous” side and loves nothing more than playing with children – and sometimes eating wallpaper.

“She’ll be happy lying on the floor with her toys around her,” Rebecca said.

Roxy is currently in a lot of pain and discomfort while awaiting surgery.


Rebecca North)

Roxy was a ‘crazy little pup’ and used to run around


Rebecca North)

On January 19, Rebecca and Kayleigh took Roxy for her first unleaded run around the local township.

“She was doing great, running around like a crazy little puppy,” Rebecca said.

“Then later that day, while I was at work, Kayleigh sent me a video of Roxy struggling to get off the couch.

“It was like his hind legs couldn’t work.”

Rebecca rushed home and worriedly contacted her local vet, who prescribed painkiller injections.

“At first the vet thought it was a pulled muscle, but after several visits she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia,” Rebecca said.

Now Roxy is “really wobbly on her hind legs” and struggling to play.

“When she walks, you can see the pain on her little face,” Rebecca said.

“His big brown eyes look really sad right now. It breaks my heart.”

Roxy was referred to an orthopedic specialist to have a ‘gold standard’ double hip replacement, which would cost £8,000 per hip.

Her pet insurance only covers £5,000 out of a total of £16,000, meaning the family must find £11,000 to give Roxy a second chance at life.

“If she doesn’t have surgery, it will lead to osteoarthritis and she will experience extreme pain and discomfort,” Rebecca explained.

“It would limit his ability to be a puppy and play.

“If she has surgery, she will live a fulfilling and happy life just like any other dog.”

Six-month-old golden retriever Roxy with two-year-old Kaleb


Rebecca North)

Young Roxy may be a candidate for a triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO), which costs less — but is still more than pet insurance will cover.

“Very few dogs get elected for TPO,” Rebecca said.

Ten days ago, her daughter Kayleigh decided to start a GoFundMe page for family and friends to donate for Roxy’s surgery.

So far they have raised £150 towards their goal.

“If Roxy is elected for TPO, she will have surgery within the next two weeks,” Rebecca said.

“If she needs a full hip replacement, she will be operated on as soon as we raise enough funds.”

If you want to help fix Roxy’s wobbly back legs, you can donate to her GoFundMe page .

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