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Goose euthanized with possible bird flu infection in Phoenix

Employees with Liberty Wildlife sent the body to Arizona Game and Fish for testing. Anyone who sees dead waterfowl should report it to Arizona Game and Fish.

PHOENIX — Staff with Liberty Wildlife are advising the public to keep a lookout for dead waterfowl after they euthanized a goose that was showing signs of bird flu.

Also known as avian influenza, bird flu is a highly infectious disease that can occasionally make the jump to humans if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Earlier in the summer, three cases were found at a park in Scottsdale. Now, staff with Liberty Wildlife have sent a recently euthanized goose for testing after it was showing signs of infection.

A spokesperson with the organization said the goose was brought into their care in poor condition, and was suspected to have bird flu.

Liberty Wildlife staff decided that euthanasia was in the animal’s best interest. Its body has been sent to Arizona Game and Fish for testing to determine if the animal was positive for bird flu.

Arizona Game and Fish handles both the testing and tracking of bird flu cases.

Due to cases in the area, Liberty Wildlife has reinstated its bird flu protocols at the recommendation of Arizona Game and Fish. Officials remind residents to contact the department at 1-800-352-0700 if they see dead waterfowl.

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