Hilarious Horizon Forbidden West Clip Shows Bird Protecting a Machine

A Horizon Forbidden West player tries to kill a Stalker with a Spike Thrower, but a bird comes in between and saves the machine.


Horizon Forbidden West came out last month to critical acclaim, and it will probably get nominated for several awards at the end of 2022. It also seems like Horizon Forbidden West is selling well, but it’ll be difficult for any game to match Elden Ring’s success this year. Regardless, the original Horizon Zero Dawn sold over 20 million copies on PS4 and PC, and fans can expect Horizon Forbidden West to keep selling over the next few years.

Horizon Forbidden West adds a bunch of new machines to the world, and its guide states that there are over 40 different machines in the game. Each type of machine has multiple variants, resulting in a lot of variety in horizon‘s encounter design. The world is also filled with several species of birds and animals that need to be hunted down to improve the maximum carrying capacity of the various types of ammo. While these natural creatures just run or fly away from fights, a user had an unfortunate encounter with a bird and a machine.


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The clip from the horizon subreddit features Elcoolnino fighting a Stalker. Elcoolnino switches to a Spike Thrower to take it out, but the pigeon decides to fly away at the same time, tanking the spike and saving the Stalker. Elcoolnino has also added a slow-motion version of the incident, and even though it’s not shown in the clip, these spikes do explode shortly after impact. While some users in the comments feel sorry for the pigeon, SymphonyForTheDevil decides to post a gif of a bird getting hit during a baseball match.

Horizon Forbidden West is filled with many mechanical birds that are difficult to take down, and it’s hilarious to see a stalker being saved by a pigeon out of all of them. It seems like this is not the first time a bird has sacrificed itself to save an enemy, as Achew11 states that this is the second such incident to be posted on the subreddit. Other fans are sharing their hatred for Stalkers, as they can cloak themselves, drop proximity mines, and also hit Aloy with a deadly Dart Gun.

The Spike Thrower is generally considered to be one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, and players can get their hands on one fairly early on. The Prototype Spike Thrower can be obtained by completing the “A Bigger Boom” quest, and it’ll prove to be useful until around mid-game as long as pigeons do not get in the way.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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