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Home and Away cash to destroy evidence of chemical attack

At home and away Spoilers follow for UK viewers.

At home and awayThe final episode of 2021 for UK viewers left them in great suspense when someone tried to assassinate Tane Parata.

When the soap opera returns later this month, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) is the prime suspect in the attack as she was previously accused of being involved in Tane’s ongoing stalker story.

Although his brother Cash initially supervised the police investigation, it has now been turned over to the Federal Police.

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Cash’s girlfriend Jasmine also found a receipt for chemicals in Felicity’s trailer, which appears to incriminate her, but Felicity protests that it must have been planted there.

After inspecting the crime scene, Detective Nasser (Federal Police) investigates Cash for possible motives for attacking Tane. In a panic, Felicity finds Cash and wants to speak to him right away, interrupting Cash and Detective Nasser in the middle of their conversation.

After learning of the restraining order that Felicity previously issued against Tane when he accused her of stalking him, Detective Nasser is immediately interested in taking a statement from her. When Detective Nasser is out of earshot, Felicity continues to profess her innocence to her brother, defending her claim that the receipt is planted.

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It’s too much for Felicity, who, in utter fear, retreats to her truck. Jasmine finds Felicity in her truck in absolute disaster. Jasmine tries to figure out who would want to frame her, but Felicity is just as confused by the situation.

Cash admits to Jasmine that he is hesitant to do more checks on the receipt in case it shows that his sister is guilty.

Back at the station, Detective Nasser interrogates Cash for following leads, but Cash is too preoccupied with the idea that his sister is involved. When Detective Nasser is out of sight, Cash makes the call to the place where the pesticides were purchased and heads off to go through his books.

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Jasmine encourages Felicity to go with Detective Nasser to the station to give the statement why he is chasing her. Cash finds Felicity leaving the statement room with Detective Nasser and asks why they didn’t tell him about his interview, but the detective reminds Cash of his rank and he is forced to back off.

When Cash accompanies his sister home, he informs her that the checks he wrote on the receipt do not prove his innocence, but to her surprise, he burns the receipt and tells her that he will not tell his colleagues about the evidence.

At home and away airs these scenes on Monday, January 10 at 1.15 pm on Channel 5 and at 6 pm on 5STAR.

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