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Horwich woman selling dog friendly birthday cakes

A woman from Horwich has launched a brand new cake business – but her regular clients have four legs and a tail.

Jenna’s Woofly Bakes will be selling birthday cakes, biscuits and cupcakes for dogs and they can deliver to the Blackburn with Darwen area.

The cakes and treats are made with dog-friendly ingredients and they don’t look like regular ‘dog food’.

A dog birthday cake from Jenna’s Woofly Bakes

Jenna Jones decided to start the business after breaking her arm and being unable to work.

She said: “I broke my arm on Christmas Eve and I am not able to go back to work until March.

“I’m not a person who sits around and does nothing – I am constantly busy.

“Now I have all of this time to myself I had a good think about what I can do.”

The Bolton News: Jenna Jones, owner of Jenna's Woofly BakesJenna Jones, owner of Jenna’s Woofly Bakes

Jenna, 27, regularly makes cakes and treats for her three dogs and her mother suggested she start selling some of them online.

She also saw a niche in the market and thought a doggy baking business would be well received among dog-lovers

She said: “You have a lot of places which sell human cakes but not many that do dog-friendly cakes.

“Certainly for me, dogs are a massive thing in many people’s lives. It makes you feel better if you can treat them.”

Jenna Jones, manager of The Collar Club dog sitting business in Darwen, only started the business four days ago (1 February) and she has already been flooded with support and orders.

At the time of writing, her Facebook page has amassed 176 followers.

Jenna said: “I made a big cake and some cupcakes the other day and posted a picture of them in a Facebook group – and the post just blew up.”

The Bolton News: A dog tucking into a cake from Jenna's Woofly BakesA dog tucking into a cake from Jenna’s Woofly Bakes

Dozens of people flocked to the comment section tagging their friends and requesting cakes of their own.

Her cake prices range from £10-£20 – the larger of which could feed 20-30 dogs.

Currently, her cupcakes are £2 and her cookies are priced at £2.50.

Jenna is also selling a Valentine’s Day box, containing two cupcakes and cookies, for £5.

The Bolton News: Jenna's Woofly Bakes Valentine's Day boxJenna’s Woofly Bakes Valentine’s Day box

The treats are also made using all natural ingredients, such as eggs, peanut butter and apples. She hasn’t received a complaint from her four-legged customers yet.

She said: “I haven’t had a bad review from the dogs yet. They have ‘woofed’ them all up so I think they have enjoyed them lots.”

While she will be heading back to her regular job in March, Jenna doesn’t see her doggy cake business ending.

She said: “I can see the business carrying on, even when I go back to work, at least while I am still enjoying it.”

Order your dog a cake or treat on Jenna’s Woofly Bakes Facebook page.

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