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How can I get my cat to the vet? How to get your kitty in a carrier

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Last week’s column turned the spotlight on cats. It is often pointed out to me that cats are underrepresented in my column. The truth is, cats are typically underrepresented at veterinary hospitals. Cats are harder to get to the veterinarian, and they are better at hiding their illnesses.

Getting a cat to the veterinarian can be a daunting task. The most important thing to know is to always have your cat in a carrier when you take it to a veterinarian. When cats are scared, the claws and teeth come out. Cats can twist and escape, doing great damage as they struggle to get away. Wrapping your cat in a towel or using a leash will not protect you from that. A pet carrier eliminates the danger both in the car while driving and in the reception area of ​​the clinic.

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Getting a cat into a carrier at home is difficult. I maintain that cats have a sixth sense about knowing when they will have to go to the veterinarian. I used to notice that though I would go to the veterinarian’s office every day because it was my job, the only days my cat would hide from me were the days that I was planning to take him with me.

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