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How Did Amy Halterman’s Dog Little Bit Pass Away?

1000-Lbs. Sisters fans got some sad news this morning. Turns out, Amy Halterman’s dog, Little Bit, Passed away. Now, she’s opening up about what happened to the pup.

Amy Halterman’s dog passes away

Earlier this morning, TV Shows Ace reported that Amy Halterman lost her 22-year-old pup as she crossed the rainbow bridge. She posted the whole thing on her Instagram with an adorable photo of the little dog.

“Rip little bit. I love you so much,” she shares on her social media including the dates that the dog was alive. “2000-2022.”

Of course, fans shared their love for the TLC star in the comments. Little Bit was a fan favorite on 1000-Lbs. Sisters, so everyone was sad to hear this news.

  • “So sorry 😢 all the treats are waiting over the rainbow bridge 🌈 ♥️”
  • “Oh nooooo, not sweet little lil bit! She definitely lived a long loving life that you gave to her and now she’ll be your guardian angel for always! Sorry for your loss ❤️❤️”
  • “The fact that even at 22 years she was so full of energy shows how much you all loved and cared about her ❤️
  • “This is sad Amy.. sorry for your loss hun. RIP Little Bit ❤️ 🐕🌈”

One comment in particular though asked what exactly happened to Little Bit. “Oh no 🙈 what the heck happened? Sweetie? So 😞 Sorry girls..🐕🙏,” the comment reads.

Amy Haltermann | instagram

On this comment, Amy actually responds explaining why it was Little Bit’s time to go.

“we took her to the vet 5 days go for what we thought was allergies. He did xray and blood work come to find out she had bad lung cancer. We keep her on meds and keep her comfortable,” she shares.

So, it sounds like lung cancer is what ultimately took Little Bit’s life. However, with 22 years down it seems like Amy was certainly a great dog mom and gave Little Bit the best care possible.

Amy’s having a baby

Of course, Amy does have one thing coming up to look forward to – the birth of her new baby. She has been sharing several updates on the little baby on her Instagram. It sounds like everything is going smoothly as she prepares to be the mom of two little ones!

Amy Haltermann |  Youtube
Amy Haltermann | Youtube

Can you believe Little Bit was 22 years old? Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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