How this video game is helping raise money for animal shelters | Article - petsitterbank

How this video game is helping raise money for animal shelters | Article

Cat lovers use game to encourage donations to shelters and charities

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While the cat in the video game stray may not be real, the impact it’s having on feline-friendly charities sure is.

In strayplayers control a cat and explore a robot-filled city that’s falling apart.

It was released on July 19 and quickly took the internet by storm.

The game was created by French game developers BlueTwelve and published by Annapurna Interactive, based in Los Angeles, California.

According to streaming platform Twitch, stray was the fourth most watched and broadcast game the day it launched. Much of the action involved charity livestreams.

Donating through video games isn’t new, but stray in particular has struck a chord with people who love cats.

BlueTwelve, the developer of Stray, says that 80 per cent of its team members are ‘cat owners and cat lovers’ and that their own pets, along with a local stray, helped inspire the game’s protagonist. (Image credit: Annapurna Interactive/The Associated Press)

How Stray is helping real cats

A charity livestream is when a streamer plays a game and asks fans to donate money to cause they care about.

In the case of straymany streamers are raising money for cat charities and shelters in the US

It isn’t just livestreamers raising money either.

Some shelters got involved by having their own fundraisers based around stray.

Tweet from Nebraska Humane Society.

The Nebraska Humane Society sold raffle tickets for a chance to win a code for the game, thanks to donations of the game from Annapurna.

In a week, it raised $7,000 US from 550 donors, some from as far away as Germany and Malta.

Brendan Gepson, the Nebraska Humane Society’s marketing director, said the fundraiser was good for both organizations.

He said that because of the successful fundraiser, the game’s publisher got good press and the shelter got a whole new donor base.

Jeff Legaspi, Annapurna’s marketing director, said he hoped stray would “bring more awareness to adopting and not shopping for a new pet.”

Other video game fundraisers

While stray may currently be the cat’s meow, game-related fundraisers have been successful for many different games and charities.

Earlier this year, Epic Games raised more than $36 million US in one day after saying it would donate all sales of the latest version of its popular game Fortnite to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Left: Technoblade's Minecraft avatar, a pig in a crown.  Right: Technoblade posing in a hospital bed.

Minecraft streamer Technoblade helped raise $500,000 US for the Sarcoma Foundation of America after he was diagnosed with bone cancer in August 2021. He died in June 2022. (Image credit: Technoblade/YouTube)

After he was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called sarcoma, Minecraft streamer Technoblade and his fans raised more than $500,000 US for the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

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