'I gave my husband's dog away after he disappeared for 45 days without warning' - World News - petsitterbank

‘I gave my husband’s dog away after he disappeared for 45 days without warning’ – World News

The woman is questioning whether she acted irrationally by rehoming her husband’s dog after he jetting off to another country for more than a month without warning

They have been married for two years but together for three

When entering into a marriage, you do not expect to end up going your separate ways in a few years’ time.

But it’s not common for couples to split soon after their wedding day.

One woman has explained what made her file for divorce after two years of marriage while asking whether she crossed a line to ‘get revenge’.

Venting her frustration on Reddit, the mum-of-one said she rehomed her husband’s dog after he disappeared for 45 days without warning.

She said: “We have an almost one-year-old son together. We bought the dog together but it was entirely my ex’s responsibility if that makes sense. He does all the work, we jointly paid for her.

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She has filed for divorce


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“Four months ago, my ex disappeared for 45 days without any warning. He travels for work, he’s a journalist, so it’s not uncommon to see him leave for a week or so here or there, but never for this long and never without notice . He was unreachable the entire time.”

Shortly after returning home, her husband acted as if “nothing had happened” before packing a bag and leaving the country again without warning.

“He flew to Italy for work. He claims his phone was stolen enroute to the airport”, she added.

Her husband left without warning


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“He worked for three days and decided to just stay there and bike across the entire of Italy – he took a holiday basically. I thought he was a missing person or worse, dead.”

After two weeks of waiting for him to return home, the woman took it upon herself to rehome his dog, claiming it would lead a better life with somebody else.

She added: “We’ve separated and will be getting divorced. He’s not welcome back home.

“I gave his dog away to a stranger. I did all the background checks and all that, but it did go to a stranger.

She has questioned whether she acted irrationally


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“I don’t like dogs, don’t have time to care for any pets, and it wasn’t my responsibility, so I gave her away to people who could better take care of her.”

Looking back at her actions, the woman has questioned whether she acted irrationally or whether rehoming his dog was justified considering the circumstances.

One user said: “You recognized you couldn’t care for the dog and made sure you gave it to someone who was capable. You also made sure you did a thorough background check.

“Your lousy husband disappeared, wasn’t reachable and you had no clue if he was coming back or even alive.

“Could you have waited a little bit longer than two weeks? Maybe. But you were in an extreme situation.

“Also your husband being livid about his dog being given away is laughable. If he cared about the dog so much he never would have gone off the grid.

“It’s telling he cares more about the dog being gone than missing out on the vital moments of your baby’s early development.”

Another user added: “If my husband disappeared for two weeks without notice I would be a wreck and assuming the worst at that point. I definitely wouldn’t have energy to take care of a one-year-old and a pet I didn’ don’t ask for.

“I mean be honest, anyone on the news begging for info on a missing loved one that’s been gone more than three to four days, we’re all assuming that person is dead.”

A third said: “This is seriously odd behaviour. Who jets to another country, stays over six weeks and doesn’t think to call home in that time? Too many red flags.

“He tried leaving and only came back when the money ran out. That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.”

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