I love the Migohil dog coat to keep my pup warm and dry

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Just in case you haven’t heard, it’s winter, and that fact is especially noticeable in the northeast where we’ve been experiencing temperatures in the high 20s and teens for several weeks now. We even had nearly half a foot of snow in New York just after New Years. Although we were able to battle the elements when we had to venture outside with heavy coats and cold weather , the same cannot be said for our dogs on their daily walks.

That’s why I’m so grateful to my mother-in-law for buying my puppy, Bean, the Migohil dog coat. This jacket fits him a T based on the size guide (he weighs about 65 pounds, has a 30 inch chest, and measures 24 inches from the shoulders to the base of his tail, and he wears a large). It also seems comfortable, as it doesn’t fight us when we put it on, or try to rip it off its back. And Bean isn’t the only one who appreciates it: several people have stopped us on the street during walks to ask us where the Migohil jacket came from, and are delighted when I say how easy it is to find. on Amazon.

Buy it! Migohil Dog Coat, $17.99-$28.99; amazon.com

This jacket was tested during this snow storm (Bean’s first!) since we decided to take it to Central Park to run in the new power. It’s easy to put on his harness and has a Velcro strap that wraps around his middle to keep the coat in place. On the back of the jacket is a zipper that allows easy access to his leash, and there are two elastic bands attached to the end of the jacket that we slip his legs into to keep it close to his body for more warmth, which he seems to appreciate. The bands are stretchy and long enough to fit his lanky limbs, but not tight enough to irritate his skin. It also has a reflective strip that runs around the perimeter of the jacket, which also makes us visible to cars during night walks.

The jacket itself is fleece lined on one side and waterproof on the other. It managed to keep my pup’s entire back dry while frolicking in the snow, and even survived a wrestling session with one of Bean’s dog park friends on the sidewalk, giving me even more confidence in its durability.

The jacket comes in sizes from X-small to XXX-large, comes in five different colors, and has over 3,200 five-star ratings from other happy pet parents.

One reviewer wrote that they loved it so much they bought a second one in a different color, but noted that they didn’t think the elastic leg straps were necessary as the coat easily covers the entire back of their dog. “This coat is very beautiful,” they wrote. “It protects my greyhounds from moisture when it rains and keeps them warm. They like it a lot too, because they don’t like the rain. When I take the coats out, my two greyhounds get so excited that I have to waiting for them to settle down before I can put the coats on them… The price is excellent for the quality of this coat.”

Order the Migohil dog coat today on Amazon and keep your pup dry and warm all winter long.


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