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I Wore A Bird On My Head Like Carrie Bradshaw

Like I said, The Bird represents a bigger, deeper idea, something that Sex and the City should have delved deeper into, but this show, as well as the movies and …And Just Like That, the reboot, have always struggled with anything beyond surface level. Carrie was wearing a heavy-ass wedding dress, a full face of makeup, sky-high heels, and a FUCKING bird on her head, and Mr. Big literally just needed to put on a tuxedo and stand there. She was given a spread in Vogue over their wedding, and he could only focus on himself and his needs. The Bird is a subconscious representation of the inconvenience fees women and female-presenting people pay daily that go unappreciated — the tweezing and the plucking and the perfectly applied eyeliner and manicured fingers and toes. Big could never understand that, because he has never had to. All he needed to do was take one moment for self-examination and deep introspection about the consequences of his actions, and he, as per usual, took the coward’s way out.

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