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Inside alleged child sex offender, Savannah Daisley’s glamorous wellness brand, Smart Cleanse

In the year before Savannah Daisley’s arrest, the Instagram account of the 45-year-old Sydney woman was like any other burgeoning wellness brand.

Dubbed Smart Cleanse, the small selection of products revolved around their star ’14-Day Smart Cleanse kit’. Photos of Ms Daisley’s smiling face were interspersed with product shots, well-dressed salads and smoothies, customer testimonials and motivational quotes.

Since June 21, all activity on the 41,000-strong Instagram account has ceased. However, bizarrely, last month Ms Daisley acquired an additional 31,894 followers within just two days.

On Monday, the mother-of-two was granted bail after being charged with four counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a teenager.

Facing court from the Silverwater Correctional Facility, it’s alleged she had unlawful sexual intercourse with the 14-year-old child in May 2021.

Ms Daisley was arrested on June 27 and had since been in custody of the Child Abuse Unit.

Her father, and famed horse breeder, Ross Daisley was also in court.

Appearing at court, Ms Daisley’s lawyer Gabrielle Bashir SC appealed for her client to be released on bail. A major reason, she claimed, was because her business de ella stands to lose “millions of dollars” if she had remained in remand.

“She is the only one who can work on her new products and rebranding, $300,000 will be lost immediately,” Ms Bashir said.

“Her whole livelihood and savings would be lost if Smart Cleanse does not continue to trade, the family lives a very modest life.”

Inside Daisley’s detox empire

Founded as part of the parent company Nulife Cleanse Pty Ltd, Ms Daisley counts herself as the naturopath, founder and the director of research and development, according to LinkedIn.

Although Smart Cleanse currently boasts 41,600 followers, it appears many of the users were acquired shortly before her arrest.

According to Instagram engagement analysis tool, Social Blade, Ms Daisley’s business acquired a total of 31,894 Instagram followers between June 17 to June 19. Despite this, only one post was made during that period on June 19.

The majority of the comments made on the post from that period also appear from spam or bot accounts.

In a blog post on spotting fake influencers from LinkedIn, blogger outreach expert Samantha Rickelton notes that big jumps in Instagram followers, that don’t coincide with higher than usual engagement, is often a sign of people buying followers. has contacted Smart Cleanse for comment on the social media figures.

While Nulife Clease has been in operation since 2011, SmartCleanse has only been on the market since 2014.

Her product – a 14-day detox kit priced at $174.99 – is sold on Amazon and through the Smart Cleanse website. It’s also stocked nationally in Australia at Priceline and in Mr Vitamins stores across NSW.

Offering supplements like ‘drinking clay’, a ‘weeding tonic’ and ‘gun lining formula,’ the cleanse promises to cleanse and detox the body, aid in weight loss and boost immunity, among other lofty wellness claims.

An interview with Social 101 dating back to 2015 also gave a glimpse into Ms Daisley’s high-profile client list.

“I’m not supposed to say,” she began.

“But I have worked with Russell Crowe for a few years, Seal, Mischa Barton, David Spade and celebrity sport stars like Brett Lee and well known Olympic swimmers.”

Publicly, the product has also been endorsed by Home and Away star Jodi Gordon.

In a testimonial video filmed in 2019, the actress calls it her “health and beauty secret”.

From a $10 million mansion

Given the alleged offenses, Ms Daisley will now run her business from her parents’ Southern Highland’s home.

Under her bail conditions, she isn’t allowed to leave her parent’s property unless accompanied, and must also surrender her passport and report to Moss Vale Police Station three times a week.

It’s a stark turn for the entrepreneur’s former charmed life spent at health resorts and living in a $1.7m apartment in Sydney’s affluent suburb of Double Bay – which the Daily Mail says she moved into once she separated from her partner James Wallis.

Police have since taken out an apprehended violence order against Wallis, which is set to be heard in court on August 8.

While it’s an improvement from being in remand at Sydney’s notorious Silverwater Correctional Facility, Ms Daisley is still facing the possibility of a trial once the alleged child sexual assault charge goes to court.

For now, her social media platforms remain untouched, with her last post shared on June 21 – six days before her arrest.

Sharing a motivational quote, it reads: “Be wilful and persistent in the creation of yourself. Life is treating you as you feel so the best way to predict your future is to create it…. and the best way to feel good is obviously by living a healthy life.

“You are your own work of art. Program your mind and rewire new habits with 14 Day Smart Cleanse. That’s what I did. On my way to a year alcohol-free and almost always eating clean and organic. Nothing will stop me now.”

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