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Internet Slams Women for Tying up Man’s Dog Outside

The internet slammed two woman who tied up a man’s dog and left it outside in a new viral post.

Submitted to Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, a man that goes by the username u/Comfortable-Ad7073 posted to the popular group to share his story on why he thinks he is the a**hole, in which the internet ruled him NTA (not the a**hole).

The 48-year-old user began his story by explaining that he and his girlfriend, “Mariah,” have been seeing each other for two years. He has a dog named “Boots”—a pup that is “well behaved and loved by friends and neighbors”—who is welcome in the home and able to run around in the backyard.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, between 2017 and 2018, over 48 million households own a dog and many of those live indoors.

Mariah grew up viewing dogs as outside pets with the farm animals so it took time to get used to Boots being inside, but she has much love for the pup.

Mariah’s family came to visit and since they had no where to stay due to finances, they bunked with the Reddit user since he had plenty of space. However, Mariah warned him that her mother doesn’t allow dogs in the kitchen and will never get used to inside dogs.

“They came, and things mostly went well, but as expected, Mariah’s mom kept making comments about Boots being allowed indoors, and how that wasn’t right,” he wrote. “I told them (gently) that I’ll keep Boots from bothering them (not allowing him in their bedrooms, trying to keep him underfoot), but this is my home, with my rules and Boots gets to hang indoors with me.”

A Reddit user took to the “AmITheA**hole” forum where the internet defended him for throwing out girlfriends family due to them tying up his dog.
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Boots typically stays with the Redditor unless someone is playing with the dog.

When joining the family for breakfast, he noticed Boots wasn’t around. When he asked where his dog was, Mariah’s mother responded, “Dogs don’t belong in the kitchen, so we put him outside.”

Irritated by the comment, he didn’t think much of it at first since the pup loves being outside. Things quickly escalated from there.

“I looked out the window thinking I would see him on my back deck (his usual spot) but he wasn’t there,” he wrote. “I stepped outside to find him, and still couldn’t see him. I went around the corner of the house and found Boots tied up to the fence using rope from kindling bundles I have for my fire pit.”

He continued: “After untying Boots, I went back inside and asked Mariah’s mom why they tied up my dog. She said that dogs shouldn’t be allowed to run around, and she was just treating him like a dog should be treated.”

Mariah claimed she didn’t want her mother to put the dog outside, but said nothing. Angry for what they did, he told them to leave his home. They both called him an a**hole for throwing them out.

The AITA community defended the user in the comments.

“NTA. Lets be honest- putting him outside would have sufficed. They tied him up to “prove a point,” and you proved your point by kicking their asses out,” u/Scott13Pippen wrote in the top comment with 12.3k upvotes.

U/Strict-Leather-751 said, “NTA even slightly. Who gives as**t what she thinks about how a dog should be treated, she’s wrong to start, but its your f***ing house!”

“NTA. What a horrible thing to do as a guest in someone else’s home. Your house, your rules. You may want to reevaluate your relationship with Mariah going forward,” u/ivylass added.

“NTA. You clearly explained your house rules to them, those were ignored,” u/PlatypusDream said. “Plus actually mistreating the dog is an insta-ban in my book.”

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