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Jack Quaid On How The Boys Impacted His Approach To Controversy Surrounding Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Raunchiest Moment

Star Trek: Lower Decks is, without a doubt, the funniest show the franchise has to offer. In its quest to poke fun at the lore, however, there are times when creator passionate trekking superfan Mike McMahan (who has addressed fan concerns) and his crew toe the line between what some fans find funny and others find crude. Such was the case in Season 2, during which one particularly raunchy moment caused a big stir. Jack Quaid recently spoke about the controversy “at length and how his role of him on TheBoys might’ve desensitized him to the weirdness of it.

Jack Quaid had a substantial conversation with YouTuber Jessie Genderand the two briefly touched on “I, Excretus,” specifically Lower Decks‘raunchy holodeck orgy scene, which prominently featured Quaid’s character, Bradward Boimler. The actor talked about the controversy and fan discourse after the episode and explained that working on TheBoys made what he did on star trek seem like no big deal:

That was just an interesting time in my life because that episode came out, and then it was kind of like, ‘I don’t know, I’m on The Boys, so it’s like there’s an orgy in every episode, seemingly, so orgies don’t phase me anymore.’ That episode came out, and it was almost like a week later where the quote-unquote controversy kicked in. People seemed to be like, ‘Oh, this is very offending to me,’ and I’m like whatever, but then again I come from The Boys, so it’s very normal to me.

Bradward Boimler had the standout moment from the orgy scene, as Mariner, as well as anyone with a Paramount+ subscription, saw the character up on the ship’s bar completely nude with his legs spread up in the air. Take a look at the moment which the episode did censor with a black bar:

(Image credit: Paramount+)

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