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Jackie O quits The Masked Singer

I wasn’t crazy about Dannii or Jackie O, but I didn’t mind them either. I’m glad that Carlson’s gone, and I’m unhappy that everybody else has left while Hughes remains standing (so to speak). Whoever they cast next, please, no more “comedians”.

The fact that three of them have left at once feels suspect. I can’t help but think that there was something internally that spurred the three to leave. I’ve also been really angry about some of the political rhetoric on the show that is always unwarranted and out of place, and I’m afraid that the show may further return into something that I am no longer willing to sit through, and I may just tune in to highlights on YouTube instead.

With audience numbers continuing to shrink, one would think that the industry would exercise more prudent judgement, but I suspect that the upcoming “refresh” of the format will be a stinker. I’ll keep an open mind, but my enthusiasm for the format has almost entirely diminished.

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