Jake Gyllenhaal Seems to Hit Back at Taylor Swift ‘All Too Well’

Jake Gyllenhaal has had Taylor Swift fans going wild after a photo shoot appeared to reference the messy breakup at the heart of his ex’s album. Red.

The 41-year-old actor who appears in W Magazine on Thursday to talk about his recent film The blame. The main image sees Gyllenhaal in a red shirt and remarkable heart-shaped sunglasses perched on his head, an apparent nod to Swift. Red era from the album, and the similar pair she wore in the music video for ’22’.

Swift questioned her ex-boyfriend, who is nine years her senior, in November. Red (Taylor Version). He released a ten-minute version of the fan-favorite song ‘All Too Well’, which includes a lengthy music video featuring actor Dylan O’Brien and Strange things’ Sadie Sink played Swift’s POV of her brief relationship with Gyllenhaal.

The pair dated for three months when Swift was 20 and Gyllenhaal was 29 in 2010. But the short-lived emotional rollercoaster of a romance produced enough material for Swift to release her iconic breakup album two years later.

Gyllenhaal has kept quiet about the 2021 relaunch so far. said a source Y! News at the time that he “had no interest in any of that” because “he doesn’t read gossip or listen to it.”

β€œHe is living his life and concentrating on himself. You are ignoring all the noise,” the report says. So it came as a surprise that her portrait this week had such a notable dig at Swift, given that she’s known for her subtle Easter eggs throughout her work.

While it could all be pure coincidence, the original caption promoting the article on Instagram was “Red (Jake’s version)” but has since been edited, according to Fashion.

“Do you feel 22?” a fan wrote online. β€œThe stylist got the job done,” read another comment.

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