Jamie Dornan reveals he was stuck in quarantine in Australia when his father died of Covid


Amie Dornan has revealed that she was stuck in quarantine on the other side of the world when her father died of Covid-19 in Belfast.

The Northern Irish actor, 39, had been isolating in a hotel in Australia before filming for BBC drama The Tourist in March.

With four days left in isolation, Dornan received the devastating news that his father Jim had died of covid after being admitted to a hospital for routine knee surgery.

The actor, best known for starring in Fifty Shades of Grey, called 2021 the “worst” year of his life as he detailed the tragic loss.

Jamie Dornan (right) with his sister Jessica and father during the Pancreatic Cancer charity NIPanC launch at the Mater Hospital in Belfast

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Jamie Dornan (right) with her sister Jessica and father during the pancreatic cancer charity NIPanC launch at Mater Hospital in Belfast.

/ P.A. file

He told The Sun: “’It’s been a brutal time for a lot of reasons and for a lot of people. We’re all just trying to get through it and come out the other side, and hopefully have our heads intact.”

Dornan’s first wife, Lorna, Jamie’s mother, died in 1998 after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

He said his father Jim had helped him through the painful loss, telling his son, “Don’t let this define you.”

Jim Dornan

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Jim Dornan

/ Pennsylvania

Jim Dornan was a world-renowned obstetrician and gynecologist.

He was Professor of Fetal Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast from 1995 to 2012 and Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Gynecologists from 2004 to 2006.

He also had a guest role on his son’s gripping BBC One series The Fall, where he played a police board member named John Porter in one episode.

Figures released by the BBC reveal that The Tourist helped break streaming records after amassing 22 million streams on iPlayer.


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