Jamie Dornan talks to The Tourist, Thor takes an ice bath, Vin Diesel, the dispute between Rock continues

There is a new Australian mystery series landing on our screens this weekend.

Jamie Dornan stars The Turist that follows a man who wakes up inside without remembering who he is or why he’s there.

When people from his past start to haunt him, he has to use the few clues he has to uncover his identity.

Jamie Dornan sat down with Brooke Boney to discuss her new Stan movie The Tourist, which was filmed in the Australian Outback. (Today)

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Brooke Boney of The Today Show ran into Jamie while filming the series in South Australia.

Check out his talk above.

The Turist premieres this Sunday only at Stan.

I don’t know about you guys, I could hear that accent all day.

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Vin Diesel, The Rock, Fast and Furious
Vin Diesel, The Rock, Fast and Furious. (Instagram)

In other news, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has accused his former co-star Vin Diesel of being manipulative after he put his children and Paul Walker in a post asking him to return to the final. Fast and Furious delivery.

The Rock said he would always support the cast and the franchise, but there was no chance he would return.

J-Lo has taken a behind-the-scenes look at his next movie Marry me.

It opened under the pressure of fame and held its own in the industry.

Marry me will be out on February 10th.

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Thor Star Chris Hemsworth appears to have the stamina of a real-life superhero.

He shared a photo on Instagram of himself lying on a snow-covered slope braving freezing temperatures.

Chris and his family are in Austria as he continues to shoot his Netflix movie. Extraction 2.

That might be a good wake-up plan: ditch the coffees and take an ice bath.

See the full entertainment segment above

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