Jamie Dornan’s career and family life.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It’s a little crazy for me that this movie I’m going to release after my father died,” he said. Variety. “I take great comfort in knowing that Dad was fully aware that I made this movie, I shot it last summer, Dad passed away in March.”

He added that his father had cared a lot about his acting career, but was not familiar with other actors.

“I always had this hilarious thing with dad, he was so interested in what I was doing in my career, he really cared and was so proud, but often he didn’t know a lot of the actors. I’d say ‘Dad, I’m doing this really cool and exciting movie’ and he’s like ‘who’s in it?’ and I would tell him and he would have no idea.

“We’re talking about really cool people, like Cillian Murphy or whoever. But until he said someone from his time would know.”

“It’s really bittersweet for me… Crazy proud to be able to tell this story, my dad is from Belfast through and through and God he would love to have seen this movie,” he said. 50 shades shared the actor.

“I feel, it’s evident through her, I feel like my father is already a part of this movie in so many ways.”

Dornan’s last movie The Turist, which was shot on Australian soil, has already broken records.

BBC reported that from December 27 to January 3, the show amassed 22 million views on iPlayer.

Created and written by acclaimed writers Harry and Jack Williams, The Turist features a host of homegrown Australian talent, with Dornan as the star, although he is only known as ‘The Man’.

Full of plot twists, The Turist is a story of self-discovery and discovery of truth.

For Dornan, shooting in one of Australia’s famous red deserts was the ultimate challenge.

“That’s the red dust inside that is taking its toll,” he said. Sydney Morning Herald, referring to her squinting throughout the show. “Legit, we were dealing with real dust storms while filming there [in the outback] in March or April. It’s a dirty environment to work in, but largely looks amazing. I feel dirty about a lot of this show.”

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Jamie Dornan’s Relationships.

In addition to his high-profile modeling career, Dornan also made headlines early on for his relationship with actress Keira Knightley.

Jamie Dornan and Keira Knightley, 2004. Image: Getty.

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