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Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue release sneak pics of return to Ramsay Street

“Love that in Charlene’s first scene for neighbors she was wearing head to toe denim and her last is the same, albeit a slightly more sophisticated look,” noted one fan on Twitter.

Though hotly anticipated, the pair’s involvement in the finale was kept under wraps even from the cast and crew. According to one source close to the production, news of their visit broke only hours before they turned up to film a handful of scenes. Within a couple of hours, they were gone. Was it all just a dream?

The suburban dream: Are Scott and Charlene back to stay?Credit:Network 10

Guy Pearce is also understood to have filmed an appearance for the finale. Other famous alumni include Margot Robbie, Craig McLachlan, Brooke Satchwell and Delta Goodrem, but it is not known if any of them will make an appearance.

The show’s executive producer Jason Herbison admits he has felt the weight of responsibility that comes with crafting an ending worthy of such an important part of the Australian television landscape.

“Firstly, it’s about wrapping up the storylines and the characters in a satisfying way,” he said when this masthead visited the set for the filming of the finale. “And second, it’s what else we might do to make it feel like a worthy ending for a show that’s been going for 37 years.”


Herbison promises the ending he and his team have come up with will be “very warm, very celebratory.” But that doesn’t mean it won’t also pay homage to some of the show’s wackier moments, which have featured dreams, doppelgangers, explosions – and, of course, weddings.

“I’m just going to say it’s very neighbors, the end,” says Herbison. “We are a show that has at times gotten away with things that maybe other shows haven’t.

“I did think, ‘What little thing could we do at the end that might be memorable and in keeping with some of the slightly silly things we’ve done over the years’. That’s the way to put it.”

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