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Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: Depp allegedly ‘obsessed with dog poop’

As the court case summaries, Amber Heard has alleged Johnny Depp threw a phone at her during a troubling evening where he became fixated on faeces.

The jury in the ongoing court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been shown photos of Heard’s face after the Pirates of the Caribbean star allegedly threw a phone at her.

Photos were additionally shown of wine bottles, spilt drinks and chaotic rooms which Heard said were all a result of Depp’s erratic behavior.

Heard said another sign of Depp’s strange actions was that he became fixed on faeces after she says their dog defecated on her bed, blaming her for the incident. “He was obsessed with dog poop,” she said.

The case between the two actors, which is being heard at Fairfax County Court House in Virginia near Washington DC, reconvened today after a week long hiatus. It is due to conclude later this week.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $US50million ($A67m) for implying he abused her in a 2018 washington post op-ed. Although she did not name him, he claims her allegations are false and cost him lucrative movie roles.

Ms Heard has countersued, asking for $US100 million ($A134m) and claiming she suffered “rampant physical violence and abuse” at his hands.

On Monday, Heard took to the stand to lay out in detail some of her allegations of physical violence against Depp.

“This is my face after Johnny threw a phone at it,” she said as photos were shown to the jurors.

The images showed Heard’s face from various angles with a bruise on her right cheek.

She said they were taken by a friend after a violent incident in May 2016.

Heard told the court she and Depp had reunited after a month away from one another following the death of his mother Betty Sue.

Depp said he “really needed his wife,” Heard recounted.

“He was telling me he was clean and he wasn’t a monster and was so sorry”

Depp fixed on faces

But when he came over, he seemed fixed on faeces she said, specifically that of his dog Boo.

Heard said Boo had ongoing bathroom problems since eating some of Depp’s cannabis when he was younger.

Depp had said he believed one of Heard’s friends had left dog faeces on a bed as a “prank,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe he was talking about faeces when his mother just passed away.

“I just thought he was going out of his mind.”

She also vehemently denied she was responsible for the faeces prank, telling the court: “First of all, I don’t think that’s funny. I was not, also, in a pranking mood. My life was falling apart.”

Heard told the court her dog had “bowel control issues” after having once eaten a bag of Depp’s marijuana.

“It was not really a jovial time, and I don’t think that’s funny, period,” she continued. “That’s disgusting.”

When Depp left the room, Heard said she called her friend iO Tillett Wright who advised her to leave.

“Amber, get out of the house. Now you’re not safe,” she said Mr Tillett Wright told her.

Depp, Heard said, overheard the conversation on speaker phone and then came bounding down the stairs in a rage.

“He grabbed the phone and started screaming. Saying some really nasty stuff.

“He called iO every imaginable name you can say to an LGBTQI person.

“Then he pulls his arm back with the phone and threw it at my face.

“It felt like it hit me in the eye.

“I put my head in my hand and immediately stead crying.”

Heard said Depp then came over to her, while she was sobbing, and taunted her.

“He says ‘I hit you huh, I hit you yeah. Let me so how bad I hurt you this time’”.

Tea Aquaman actor then said her friend Raquel entered the room and tried to protect Heard from further blows by placing her body between Heard’s and Depp’s.

Photos of Heard’s face were later shown to officers who attended the residence after being called due to the dispute.

However Heard told the court she sent the police away as she said she didn’t want to harm Depp’s future.

Heard’s ‘bruise kit’

The jury were then shown further photos of Heard with a bruise to her face taken at a Los Angeles courthouse in the same month as she applied for a temporary restraining order against Depp.

She also told the Fairfax court how she carried a theater makeup kit “which I called my bruise kit”.

Heard described how her bruises would change color over various days and how she chose the different colors in the kit to apply based on the hue of her damaged skin at that point.

“No woman wants to walk around with a bruise on her face”.

Heard said that she had tried to make the relationship work because of her love for Depp. But she could no longer do so which was why she decided to file for divorce.

“It was the hardest thing I have had to do. I did everything I could possibly do to make it work and it didn’t work.

“But if I didn’t (file for divorce) I’d likely not have survived.

“The monster had been this thing that was now the normal and not the exception.

“The violence was now normal and not the exception.”


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