Kaitlyn Bristowe Ripped for Sharing Dog Mom Post on Mother’s Day

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Kaitlyn Bristowe celebrated Mother’s Day as a dog mom.

Former “Bachelorette” star Kaitlyn Bristowe celebrated her own mom on Mother’s Day, but also posted about being a dog mom — and her post earned her quite a bit of negative feedback.

Bristowe and her fiance Jason Tartick adopted two golden retrievers — Ramen and Pinot — with the help of a non-profit organization called Bunny’s Buddies, according to PopSugar.

On Sunday, May 8, 2022, Bristowe took to her Instagram Stories to “respectfully disagree” with a meme of a man holding a sign that read, “Dog moms, this is not your day.” The “Dancing With the Stars” field received tons of messages from people saying that she shouldn’t be celebrating Mother’s Day as a dog mom.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bristowe Defended Herself Against People Attacking Her for Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Dog Mom

Bristowe shared one of the messages she received in her DMs with her fans — and she included her reaction.

“I’m sorry and I do love u so much, but this so insane to think Mother’s Day is included if ur a dog mom. U did not grow that dog inside u or even as mothers that adopt, this is not the same. Raising a child is no where in compare to raising a pet. Not even close. Ppl like to add descriptions of what the holiday of Mother’s Day means and it’s hypocritical to us REAL mothers and it’s disgusting,” one direct message that Bristowe received read.

“The amount of messages I’m getting like this,” she wrote on the post.

In the next slide, Bristowe shared a photo of one of her pups and responded to the negative messages she’d been receiving.

“Anyone who can find joy in any day…why not celebrate that. Mothers Day is for everyone who wants to be a part of it. I understand it’s not the same but why would we gotta get so mad?” Bristole wrote, adding a crying with laughter emoji.

Bristowe Shared a Post About Her Mom, Leslie

Bristowe did not share any posts of her dogs on her Instagram feed on Mother’s Day, but she did pay tribute to her own mom, Leslie.

“Please watch to the end. This woman feels so much. Music brings her to tears, she loves harder than anyone, she is hilarious, beautiful, and so stinking kind. And she is my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to my kindred spirit,” Bristowe captioned a video of her mom watching a music performance on television.

Several people commented on the post to show love for Bristowe’s mother.

“Your mom is likely my favorite mom out there aside from my own,” one comment read.

“I think we can all see exactly where your heart, kindness and amazing energy comes from,” someone else added.

“Awwweee, so fun. I see where you get your awesome spirit from,” a third person wrote, adding a string of red heart emoji.

“You get it from your momma!! And she’s amazing!!!” a fourth Instagram user said.

“Looks like the apple didn’t far fall! You are both wounded,” another person echoed.

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