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Kate Middleton wore ‘one of the rarest’ gemstones during Garter Day service

The Royal Family were out in full force on Monday for the Garter Day procession, a commemoration of the Order of the Garter held at Windsor Carter. As Kate is not a member of the Order, she was pictured on the sidelines watching her fellow royals and her husband Prince William take part in the display of pomp and pageantry. For the high-profile royal event, Kate wore an on-brand classic blue outfit with some truly pricey jewelery to match.

The earrings and necklace Kate wore for the service on Monday feature tanzanite, a rare stone found only in Tanzania, adorned with some extra sparkle.

Zack Stone, Managing Director at Steven Stone, said: “What’s particularly impressive about Kate’s pendant is that it features 20 round brilliant cut diamonds – this means that they’ve been cut in a particular way and have many facets, imparting a look of exceptional brilliance.”

Royal fans may have spotted the similarities between Kate’s necklace and earring set and the iconic sapphire engagement ring she is rarely pictured without.

Mr Stone added: “Despite featuring a different gemstone – tanzanite – the set perfectly compliments Kate’s engagement ring, which features a deep, royal blue sapphire.

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“Not only is tanzanite one of the world’s most recently discovered gemstones but it’s also only mined in one place, making it one of the rarest.”

The stunning set was made by G. Collins and Sons, and the gemstones are set in platinum.

As one might imagine for one of the rarest gemstones in the world, Kate’s tanzanite jewelery could expect to be sold for a significant price.

Mr Stone added: “I’d estimate the combined value of the set to be around £30,000.”

The earrings were famously worn by Diana at the 1996 Met Gala, and they perfectly match the iconic sparkler.

Kate has also borrowed some iconic blue pieces from the jewelery collection of her grandmother-in-law, the Queen.

The Duchess certainly had the Queen’s seal of approval for her Christmas carol concert last year, as the monarch lent her a pair of sapphire and diamond fringed earrings for the occasion.

During a visit to Scotland last year, Kate also had the honor of wearing the Queen’s Dubai sapphire earrings.

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