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Kim Kardashian proves she ate burger in Beyond Meat ad| video

Kim Kardashian had an “embarrassing” mishap last week when she appeared to be “fake” eating a burger — but she’s set the record straight.

Kim Kardashian wants people to know she actually did eat a burger in an ad for her latest ambassador role for Beyond Meat.

Last week, the 41-year-old revealed she’d been named “chief taste consultant” for the plant-based meat substitute company best known for its “juicy” veggie burger.

In an ad shared by the company, the reality star could be seen tucking into some of the meat-free products.

However, she was brutally mocked as eagle-eyed fans spotted an “embarrassing” stuff-up as Kim enjoyed the famous burger.

“I’m dying with her eating the burger when the burger is still intact in her hand haha,” one person pointed out.

But Kim has since shared a behind-the-scenes clip to her Instagram Stories proving she ate the burger despite being accused of “fake” chewing in the 30-second ad.

“Guys, come on…,” she captioned the clip which showed her removing the top bun from a vegan burger.

“Getting rid of some of the carbs,” she explained to someone on the set.

After chewing the small bite for a few seconds, the Skims founder said, “So good.”

Another clip showed her to be thoroughly enjoying a meatless chicken finger, which was followed by a slice of vegan sausage and a Beyond Meat taco — taking a selfie while consuming the food.

The Skims creator can visibly be seen taking bites out of the plant-based items, but when she handled the burger, it appeared completely untouched despite the fact Kim’s mouth was moving to suggest she’d taken a bite.

It’s unclear why none of the shots showing the star actually consuming the food made the final ad — but had they, it could have saved themselves and mum-of-four a lot “embarrassment”.

“You didn’t show her actually consuming the product. D‍️id she actually eat it?” one person asked on the original post.

“I love you Kim but the shots of you chewing without even a bite taken out of the food is killing my soul,” another commented.

Others labeled the apparent editing mistake “embarrassing” and “awkward” – while some asked: “Did she think we wouldn’t notice?”

Many of her 313 million followers didn’t seem fazed by the mistake, stating the plant-based alternative was “delicious” and commended the star for promoting vegan products.

A plant-based queen,” one wrote.

“Queen is about to save our planet,” another said.

The reality star turned fashion and beauty entrepreneur told fans she followed a “mostly” vegan diet back in 2019 and she recently credited the lifestyle change as the reason she’s in “the best shape of my life”.


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