Kitten named duck perfectly adapted to life on two legs

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Duck, the kitten, is a double amputee rescue whose adaptability and joie de vivre are truly inspiring. On Instagram, her name is “Purrasic duck”, for she humorously resembles a waddling T-rex with fierce, fearless determination.

It has also been called “fluffy velociraptor, leaping on two legs without any problem.

Unfortunately, she lost both of her front legs after climbing into a car engine. After being rescued, she went to foster care, where her new human father, Cody, immediately fell in love with her. (see the video of the Dodo below)

Baby Duckling, Images via Instagram /purrasic duck

โ€œMy sister wanted to bring him to foster care. And so probably a day after I got it, I decided to keep it, โ€Cody said. the Dodo. “When I met her, I fell in love immediately.”

Cody with duck

Cody and Duck, Image via YouTube /The Dodo

๐Ÿฆ† Nothing slows down this cat ๐Ÿฆ–

As Cody immediately saw, this cat doesn’t let anything slow her down – not a tiny bit. Losing her legs so soon, she considers moving on her hind legs to be the norm. As you watch her you see that she is just your medium kitten in many ways playing and exploring, riding with enthusiasm. She’s always having fun and it’s inspiring to see.

t-rex kitten

Really, it’s nothing short of amazing how strong and adaptable this kitten has always been. Sometimes she “hit a post all the way like she was us and walked around the house,” Cody says. Other times, she gushes like an Olympian in the air to chase a cotton ball.

๐Ÿ‡ Duck and his many friends ๐Ÿ“

Duck shares a house with five dogs and a one-eyed “pirate” cat named the goose, integrating perfectly into the pack. Clearly, the duck and the goose love each other and can be seen cuddling and playing on Instagram. They met when Goose was just a tiny thing and immediately hit it off, becoming snuggle up with friends.

โ€œIt’s crazy; she’s always the happiest little thing,โ€ Cody said. โ€œWith a lot of energy, really playful. Always getting into something.

t-rex kitten

According to Cody, dogs are “his personal security element.” Reef the 12 year old Golden Retriever leads the pack and loves everything and everyone.

“The duck protection details don’t bother”

Bimini and kitten

The big sweet dog is a “shining example for all the animals in the house to get along so well”, said dad.

“Introducing a rare new species of Couch Hogs …”

Dog and cats

Of all the dogs, Bimini the Frenchie might be Duck’s favorite. When Duck arrived, she immediately bonded with Bimini, who sometimes felt left out. Now the two are inseparable, playing, catch, and take baths. Since Duck can’t reach her face, Bimini licks her clean and Duck returns the favor.

The duck also meets many friends who have foster families in the house including kittens, piglet, puppies, rabbit, squirrel, raccoons, opossum and real ducks! Although there are so many diverse species, they all get along peacefully somehow. What a wonderful loving house!

When not playing with the puppies, Duck can be found outside during “two-legged pals,” a small flock of chickens. Maybe Duck can relate to chickens a little more than most cats? Well, Goose is too very fond chickens too!

“Just a few two-legged gangsters requisitioning the dog bed”

kitty named duck and chicken on a dog bed

Other times Duck pretends boxing matches with the chickens, with tiny boxing gloves.

Follow Duck, Goose and the gang on Instagram and TIC Tac.

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