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Kuraray BirdSecure: security glass with bird safe interlayer

Keeping a look out for Mother Nature. Living in harmony with nature is essential, as urbanization encroaches closer to established wildlife habitats and flightpaths.

Recognizing the risks that large glazed structures can present to both local and migrating birds, we have developed Trosifol® Bird Secure and SentryGlas® Bird Secure, which incorporate a dot pattern on Trosifol® UltraClear and SentryGlas® respectively.

The new offering has been fully tested to American Bird Conservancy standards and can be used on its own or with solar-control coatings. And, although highly effective against bird strikes, the dot pattern is not discernible to humans from a distance of over 2 m, so views will not be hindered or obstructed.

Developed as an alternative to screen-printed glass, BirdSecure will not only offer faster delivery times, but the use of an interlayer means that thinner glass combinations can be used.

For more information, download our new brochure HERE


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