Loyal dog walks FIVE MILES beside ambulance after his owner leaves hospital - World News - petsitterbank

Loyal dog walks FIVE MILES beside ambulance after his owner leaves hospital – World News

The German Shepherd had followed his master to the clinic in Brazil and waited patiently outside before he was discharged, before trotting alongside the ambulance

The German Shepherd loyally followed his owner home in the ambulance

A loyal dog proved he is his owner’s best friend when he walked five miles behind an ambulance on the journey home from hospital.

The German Shepherd had accompanied his wheelchair-using master to a clinic in Mineiros, Brazil, when the man fell ill.

During the visit the dog refused to leave and waited patiently outside the hospital before the medics took him inside.

When his master was driven home in an ambulance, the pooch trotted alongside for five miles.

The adorable scenes of devotion were shared on social media by clinic medic Dr Igor Paiva.

Dr Paiva said: “The patient is a wheelchair user and often goes to the health center because he has sores from sitting and lying down for a long time.

The dog was filmed waiting nearby his owner on the gurney



The dog then waited outside until the end of the appointment



“If there is a [better] example of true love, I don’t know. We even got some food and water so he could stay close to his friend.”

The doctor said the person who filmed the dog walking alongside the ambulance was a road user who was surprised by the scene.

Dr Paiva said the animal was allowed to travel in the ambulance with its owner, but did not want to enter, adding: “We were going to sterilize the ambulance later, but he wouldn’t get in and decided to walk.”

The ambulance driver traveled slowly so the dog could keep up with the vehicle on the journey home.

The doctor also said that the dog did not enter the hospital for health reasons, adding: “The patient was discharged and his faithful companion accompanied him back home.”

Earlier this year images showed a loyal dog sitting on the spot where its homeless owner died on a bench outside a hospital.

The moving scene took place outside Rio Piedras Medical Center in the Puerto Rican capital San Juan on the morning of February 1.

According to the news site El Universal, the 60-year-old homeless man passed away in the night and the dog stayed by his side.

The loyal pooch even remained on the bench as personnel from the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) took the body away, gazing at the morgue vehicle as it disappeared from view.

However, medical staff took a liking to the dog, and Dr Jose Antonio Herrera Dalmau reportedly decided to adopt the ownerless animal.

He told the newspaper El Nuevo Dia: “I have already made an appointment to see a vet because the dog has a leg injury. It is not broken, but it has an injury.”

The hospital doctor added that he was thinking of calling him Leo.

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