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Lucky the Pizza Dog Steals the Show in Hawkeye Fan’s Kate Bishop Cosplay

One fan’s cosplay of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop from the Marvel Studios/Disney+ series Hawkeye includes her very own Lucky the Pizza Dog.

AT Hawkeye fan created a near-perfect cosplay of Haylee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, featuring her own Lucky the Pizza Dog.

Lis Wonder (aka @LisWonder1 on Twitter) shared an image of her Kate Bishop cosplay, accompanied by a golden retriever filling the role of Kate and Clint Barton’s one-eyed companion to round out the entire look. “Season finale made me feel warm and fuzzy,” Wonder wrote. “Cosplay & makeup transformation into [Hailee Steinfeld] She is such a badass!!!! I love her so much.”

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Lis.Wonder is also known for her cosplays as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, recreating the costumes from the Patty Jenkins films wonder woman and Wonder Woman 1984. Some of her recent cosplays include a gender-bent version of the titular bounty hunter from The Book of Boba Fett and DC Comics’ Yara Flor, who first appeared as Wonder Woman in DC Future State, appearing in various titles including Future State: Wonder Woman, Future State: Justice League and Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman.

Lucky the Pizza Dog was portrayed in the Marvel Studios/Disney+ series by the real-life dog-actor, Jolt, who was transformed by the show’s special effects crew to reflect Lucky’s one-eyed disability. Director Rhys Thomas previously spoke about his hesitation in using a real-life dog for the series, instead of recreating one with CGI. “With Jolt, we had an audition process with our dogs,” Thomas said. “Jolt did an amazing job. There are very specific things the dog needs to do. She was great. I was definitely dubious, and I had images of a CG dog. Genuinely, I can’t think of a moment we lost time because of Jolt. She was on it.”

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Thomas also explained that using special effects to edit out Jolt’s eye was a bit more complicated than he expected. “I was informed she would probably walk around in circles if we obscured her eye,” Thomas said. “Those wizards — we would shoot a scene with Jolt, and the visual effects team would come in and take all of the lighting references and everything they needed from each camera setup and go in and track this different eye after the fact. It’s a painstaking process where you have to track this thing, frame by frame.”

Lucky the Pizza Dog first appeared in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s 2012 Hawkeye series from Marvel Comics, on which the Disney+ series is the same name is loosely based. Originally named Arrow, the dog belonged to an abusive member of the tracksuit mafia, before befriending Clint Barton (who is portrayed by Jeremy Renner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the Hawkeye Disney+ series, Lucky appears in Episode 1, “Never Meet Your Heroes,” where he is saved from getting hit by a taxi by Kate Bishop.

Fans can watch Lucky the Pizza Dog’s live-action debut in Hawkeye, which is streaming all six episodes on Disney+.

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