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Maltese Girl Using Art For Therapy Hopes To Start Foundation For Cats

One young Maltese girl using art as therapy for anxiety and autism is looking to use her creations to start a foundation to help stray cats all across the islands.

14-year-old Araleah Mallia is the youngest of four siblings, all of whom have been diagnosed with either ADHD or autism. In Araleah’s case, it is autism.

Through a disorder inherently characterized by difficulties in interaction in general, Araleah has discovered a passion for resin art.

Together with her mother Rusianne, the two have embarked on a journey that saw them turn anything from stray pieces of wood to canvas into works of art the pair would channel for a good cause.

“We have only been able to work with bits of wood or canvas we found around the house and on my kitchen table but I really would love for them to have the tools they need to create amazing pieces that they can sell,” Rusianne told Lovin Malta.

“I am currently saving up for tools and trying to figure out what more we can do. We want to make tables, art pieces, baubles for Christmas, the list is endless!”

Araleah’s flourishing talent moved a family friend to provide them with a workshop in Senglea. It is through here, that Araleah and her mother could sell their spectacular creations.

And the cause behind it is something we could all get behind.

“Having spent some years fostering cats and working rescue sanctuaries abroad, I see the struggles that are faced. I also used to breed a number of ‘Ragdoll cats’, which provide excellent therapy for persons with mental health issues.”

Throughout the years, Rusianne has greatly praised the care and love the cats gave her children. Firstly from a companionship point of view, owing to their inherent loving nature.

But the tactile component that comes part-and-parcel with cuddly cats gave her kids a world of good.

Now the family would like to return the favor.

“I would like to start a foundation called ‘Breeders For Strays‘ whereby reputable breeders are checked, monitored, accredited and also provide a small donation which goes towards animal rescue centers.

And what does Araleah have to say?

Araleah may be 14 years of age, but she’s been painting for as long as she could remember. Since early childhood even, having drawn inspiration from her mother and older sister.

“I would love a chance to raise money for charities, especially cat sanctuaries,” Araleah said. “And on a personal level, I would love to inspire young artists to find their own creative space… because there is always something out there that someone is good at.”

Without question, the goals Araleah and her mother have set out stand for what humanity should. Something we could all represent. And what a way to use art to do so.

In the words of artist Eileen Miller, after all, “Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”

Rusianne invites anyone interested in procuring a piece to contact her by email on: [email protected]

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