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Man’s First Encounter Chat at Shelter Delights the Internet

A Reddit post has gone viral showing a man named Peter meeting his cat, Batman, for the first time at a shelter called Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. The content delights viewers who love the connection of the pair.

The video was shared to the “Aww” subreddit by u/Waistcoatio on January 28. It is captioned: “The first time my dad met our cat at the shelter. Love at first sight.” The 54-second video began with a black and white cat sitting in Peter’s lap with its paws on the man’s body.

When Peter looked up to say something, the cat put a paw on the man’s chest, just staring at him. The man petted Batman and talked to him as the cat sat calmly the entire time. The woman behind the camera, who is the Redditor’s mother, said they didn’t have a cage for the cat, which moved closer to the man’s face, staring at him and patting his chest. Appearing to sniff the man’s nose, the Redditor’s mother said, “Oh how sweet.” The cat even got a fingernail slightly caught in the man’s sweater, but he didn’t seem to care.

Peter cradled Batman in both of his arms as the cat grew more comfortable, pressing its paws to the man’s chest. The woman mentioned that the cat was “different” from her other two cats, and the cat looked around in the direction of the camera.

The “first time” of a man meeting his cat in a shelter has delighted Internet users. Here, a black and white cat lounging.

“Oh he loves the attention,” the woman added. The caresses continued before the video was cut.

In a comment, someone asked the PO if the pair were living together after the video, to which they replied, “They still do. This video was taken about six years ago.”

According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.3 million animals come to shelters in the United States each year. Just over 3 million of these animals are cats, while 3.1 million are dogs.

More than 23,000 people have liked the video, which delights netizens. Some have commented on the bond that Batman and Peter share. “The cat has definitely chosen his person,” someone said. “To like.”

Based on the cat’s name, some wanted Peter’s name to be different. “Oh I wish your dad’s name was Alfred,” wrote one Redditor.

Some liked the cat’s name, which was revealed in a comment from the OP. “I love it, lil Batty,” someone joked.

Another called the pairing of Peter and Batman a “good match”, adding, “You don’t choose the cat. The cat chooses you. They both look very happy.”

People seem to really enjoy the viral video. “Congratulations on your excellent human selection kitty,” wrote one Redditor.

Another comment suggested that the two souls knew each other. “I don’t think it’s on the face of it…that soul knows this man,” the viewer said, to which the OP replied, “That’s a really lovely feeling. Thank you.”

“Now that’s a real awwww,” another pointed out.

One called the content “so soothing to watch.” They also said, “Your dad seems like a darling (the cat too).”

Another Redditor admitted his reaction to the content. “It made me scream three times in public before I noticed I was making noise,” they said.

Other people made comments like, “Aww love at first sight, this union was meant to be” and “I love it.”

Newsweek reached out to u/Waistcoatio for comment, who said, “I can only say that this is a video that always comforts me when I’m feeling down, and I’m so glad to see it makes so many people happy! “

Update 01/31/2022 4:20 PM ET: This story has been updated to include a comment from u/Waistcoatio.

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