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meet soheil hosseini’s mesmerizing, AI-generated bird creatures

‘acidosis’ by soheil hosseini: a new generation of animals

Iranian artist and designer Soheil Hosseini presents his mesmerizing and incredibly detailed depiction of bird-like creatures, each one digitally rendered with the help of artificial intelligence. Dubbed ‘Acidosis,’ the series specifically explores a new generation of animals, evoking a mix of roosters and owls, that could potentially flourish in the future. Besides reimagining animalistic features, Hosseini also endowed most of his creatures with striking floral features, namely petals and moss-like growth, inviting an unusual symbiosis of species.

Apart from the rich and colorful coating, one element that is sure to captivate the viewer is the eye drawn at the center of each bird, oozing an almost human-like stare with its scintillating reflection.

RSTR IV | all renderings © Soheil Hosseini

from AI elements to Procreate and digital painting

With a resolution spanning from 4,000 x 4,000 to 7,000 x 7,000, the ‘Acidosis’ series by Soheil Hosseini was initially generated with AI elements from the online platform mid-journey Once the drawings were complete, the artist proceeded to refine each bird using programs like Photoshop other Procreate on an iPad Pro, combined with a digital painting application.

Hosseini’s new digital renderings are also going to be part of the NFT world. You can check the full collection of renderings on his Instagram page.

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