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Meet the Roys, the Cutest ‘Little Lions’ Named for ‘Succession’ Characters

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The Lil Foster Babes rescue in Culver City, California, shared the story of the Roys, a litter of four adorable “little lions” named after the dramatic Succession TV Series. Was this asking for drama?

“Hopefully, it’s just kitten around kind of drama,” said foster mom Pei Chiu on Instagram. For size comparison, she used a “Succession-themed object,” a Benjamin 💵.

Shiv the kitten. Pictures via Instagram/lilfosterbabes

Pei Chiu is a foster volunteer with Lil Foster Babes and works with Los Angeles rescue Baby Kitten Rescue, by Caroline Grace founded.

Pei Chiu with Roman the kitten

Pei Chiu with Roman the kitten

🦁 The Roys are Cute Little Lions 🦁

Below, you can see the four kittens at just 3 days old. They arrived in late April amid the hectic spring kitten season.

“Three boys and 1 girl, and well, it couldn’t be more perfect than to name them the Succession siblings – (right to left) Roman, Kendall, Siobhan, Connor! These babies are strong, let you know what they want, aren’t afraid to speak, all eager to grow, and are the sweetest little bunch. (💵 for size 🤣🤣🤣).”

“I’ve had my hands full these last few days but will try to keep my updates up – so tune in for more episodes to see the the drama between these 4 🤣”

The Roys, kittens, with Benjamin 100 bill

Pictures via Instagram/lilfosterbabes

💵 The Succession Kittens 💵

In the Succession series, the four children of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) compete for control of Roy’s vast media and entertainment conglomerate after he steps down from the company. Recently, the show and actors won several Critics Choice Awards for Best Drama Series.

“The Roys Album Cover 😋”

A Dramatic Start to Life For the Roys

As for the kittens, their life started dramatically. If not for their foster mom and Baby Kitten Rescue, they may not have made it. After an urgent plea from an LA shelter as “most in need,” the rescue took in the orphaned kittens, and Chiu agreed to care for them despite being very busy.

At such a young age, the kittens would require round-the-clock neonatal care and many sleepless nights. Without the momma cat, the kittens would miss out on her warmth, bathing, affection, colostrum, and milk. It isn’t known what happened to her, but Chiu, “Mr. Cat Dad,” and an incubator would provide the next best thing.

🧡🐈 Shiv the Ginger Girl 🧡🐈

Siobhan (Shiv) is the smallest of the kittens but fierce like her namesake on the show.

“Don’t let her size fool you, she matches Kendall when it comes to wanting to be front and center 🤣. She learned her latch second to Kendall and has eaten like a champ. She had some catching up to do in weight to her brothers, but she is ambitious 😘 and ❤️ seems like she’s determined to be as big as they are ❤️. Also, she’s the only one that warned meowmy the first couple days with her ferocious hiss that I better be careful 🤣. Can’t wait to see this lioness grow 🥹”

the Roys, kittens named after Succession tv series

At two weeks old, Shiv was playing catch-up to her brothers, who had already seen visits from the “eye fairy.”

“Shiv might have opened the latest, but she was sure to make sure she was the quickest. Nothing can hold this sweet girl back ❤️”

Although named for a drama series, the kittens had plenty of yawns along the way so far.

“Kendall is all of us this Monday…. I mean Tuesday 🥱”

Yawning kitten

“Continuing the tongue-out trend cause omg how cute?! Shiv looks like she’s halfway between a yawn and a sneeze here 😂❤️”

The Roys, kitten named Shiv yawns in a bowl

“Because it feels like a Tuesday and Roman’s #tongueouttuesday is too cute 😍”

Yawning kitten with Benjamin 100 bill

Lastly, Connor is just too cute to be real.

“Connor, how real are you???? 😻”

Tiny Connor the kitten

Like her brothers, Shiv almost “doesn’t look real,” a picture-perfect little furbaby.

“She comes off as “quiet”, but I think it’s just cause Kendall and Rome do all the talking. She’s actually very brave, talkative, and super cuddly. A lot of times, I just magically find super snuggled up while I’m watching TV. ❤️”

Shiv the kitten, the Roys

To see what drama Shiv and the Roys get up to next, you can follow along on Instagram. Also, you may follow the Baby Kitten Rescue here.

Shiv and Kendall the kittens in an incubator

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