Meghan Markle called ‘women at war with everyone’: report

Meghan Markle was recently criticized by experts for becoming a “woman at war with everyone.”

This news has been brought to light by royal journalist and commentator Sophie Elsworth, during her interview with Sky News.

He began by admitting, “I mean, look at Kate Middleton. She has complete style and class. We saw her play the piano in the lead up to Christmas. The Royal Family just adores her. The Queen in her speech did not mention Meghan or her. Harry “.

“Now she has had this court case that she won against the UK newspaper that published parts of her letter to her father. This could be a victory for Meghan, but she is at war with everyone.”

“I mean, this woman gets mad at everyone; she gets mad at her best friends, her own father, her stepsister, her in-laws. I mean, the list goes on and on.”

Before concluding, she also added, “As I said earlier on Sky, I wish there was a day where I didn’t have to hear about Meghan Markle.”

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