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Metrolink could run trial allowing dogs on trams later in the year

Manchester Metrolink could run a trial allowing dogs on trams for the first time in their history.

Dogs have been banned from the city’s trams since their launch in 1992 – but a new pilot, that could launch later this year, might see furry friends joining us onboard the yellow carriages.

A spokesperson for Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) confirmed that they are working with mayor Andy Burnham to see the scheme put in place this year. Trialling dogs on the tram was one of Burnham’s manifesto pledges in his bid to take up the position of Manchester metro mayor.

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Exact details of the scheme are yet to be published.

Dogs are currently allowed on trains and buses in Greater Manchester, but not on trams. However, the Metrolink does allow assistance dogs.

Piloting dogs on trams was one of mayor Andy Burnham’s manifesto pledges

Danny Vaughan, TfGM’s Head of Metrolink said: “A pilot scheme allowing non-assistance dogs on Metrolink was a manifesto commitment made by Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, and we are currently working with the mayor’s office to explore the possibility of running a pilot scheme on the tram network later this year.

“The details of the pilot, such as when it will take place and for how long, have yet to be confirmed, but further information will be released when these details have been finalised.”

Previous attempts at allowing dogs on the Metrolink have not succeeded – in 2015, TfGM carried out a series of customer surveys and a public consultation to gauge Metrolink users’ thoughts on the issue.

The Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGMC) concluded that non-assistance dogs would not be allowed to travel on the Metrolink, citing “key risks” that raised concern over the safety of passengers and welfare of dogs.

Currently only assistance dogs are allowed on the Metrolink

However, many dog ​​owners have spoken out against the “silly” rule . Suggestions to make the tram inclusive for dog lovers and haters alike have included having a designated dog carriage, only allowing dogs on off-peak journeys, or requiring a dog to wear a muzzle if not in a dog-friendly carriage.

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