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Michigan Humane to host virtual Kitten Shower fundraiser

For workers and volunteers in the animal rescue world, spring doesn’t just bring the year’s first glimpse of warm weather — it brings kittens. Lots and lots of kittens. Too many of them, if you ask the folks at Michigan Humane.

That’s why the animal welfare organization will host its virtual Kitten Shower fundraiser on April 24, during which it will campaign for donations of food, supplies and cash to help fortify its Kitten Project. The program aims to shelter and triage kittens and nursing mother cats before sending them into foster homes where — with the help of dedicated volunteers — they can grow healthy and strong enough for adoption.

“Last year, we had over 600 kittens come through the Kitten Project,” said Anna Chrisman, communications manager for Michigan Humane in Westland. “So that’s kittens that come in with mom, kittens that come in by themselves, and sometimes kittens that are born in care.”

Left to right, Shelter Tech Charly Hahnke, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Julio Gomez, and Wildlife and Exotic Animal Tech Nicole Nicolet inspect kittens at Michigan Humane in Westland on April 6, 2022.

When kittens or pregnant moms arrive at Michigan Humane, Chrisman said, the shelter does everything in its power to keep the vulnerable tenants happy and healthy, including placing them in a specialized unit within the shelter, away from dogs and other animals.

“These doors will be shut to cut down on external noises,” she said of the unit’s entryway. “We’ll do a lot of soft music. We’ll sometimes do scent-based enrichment, where we’ll spray different smells. We’ll drop off different types of toys throughout the course of the day, things like that.”

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