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Mom Recognizes Missing Cat Barnaby While Hearing Meows Over Phone

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When Barnaby went missing eight months ago, it broke four hearts—those of Rachael Lawrence and her three kids. But if there’s one thing Rachael knows about this cute little black kitty, it’s his meow. And something that is, well, beyond bizarre happened on January 11, when she called her local VetsrPets office to check on her other kitty Torvi, who recently underwent surgery.


She could hear Barnaby meowing in the background. She just knew, without hesitation, that this was him. She asked if the meowing came from Torvi but was told: “No, it’s just a stray we had brought in a week ago,” Metro reports. So she hung up the phone.

❓Still, She Couldn’t Help But Wonder❓

The thought hung in the back of her mind and Rachel, of Braintree Essex in the UK just couldn’t get it out of her head, according to People.

“There was just something about the meow, so after three hours of it being in my head, I rang back up,” Rachael says.

During the call, she asked the vet if the meowing stray kitty was black with a distinctive white blotch on his back foot — as Barnaby does — and she was stunned when the vet told her that the description matched the stray kitty.

Barnaby 2

Rachael’s kids Be, 12 (middle), Joshua, 11, (left), Amalie, 7, (right) after being reunited with their pet (Picture: Rachael Lawrence/SWNS)

“It was just utter disbelief from them and me,” she says. “When I went to pick up Torvi, I asked to see this stray cat and brought photos of Barnaby with me,” Rachael says.

And as soon as the vet brought Barnaby back into the room, she knew it was her boy.

“I cried,” Rachael says. “I’m talking snot bubble cries. I was howling. We hadn’t seen him for eight months.

Barnaby with Rachael

Barnaby with Rachael, (Picture: PA)

But Barnaby Didn’t Fit His Nickname Anymore

His nickname is “Fatman” but he certainly didn’t fit the description after his difficult spell on the streets. He “has loads of scabs and is all skinny and missing fur,” she says. But how he’s definitely one happy kitty and “is more than happy to be picked up and cuddled,” and Rachael and her kids Be, 12, Joshua, 11, and Amalie, 7 are looking forward to treating their feline family member to lots of healthy food and snacks.

Rachael says she video called her kids while still at the vet’s to give them the good news.

“I just said, ‘Look who I’ve found,’” she says. “They went, ‘Oh my God, it’s Barnaby! It’s Fatman!’ They were really happy.”

Now back with his family, Barnaby can look forward to a little spoiling.

“He’s back home where he should be,” she says. “He’s getting on so well. We just need to fatten him up to get him back to Fatman.”

Barnaby Went Missing Due To A Tragic Mistake

Lawrence paid an independent company to come to her home for her boy to be chipped in 2020. She registered his microchip details online, but she didn’t know anything was wrong – Until he went missing and she discovered the microchip didn’t work.

So this time around, before bringing him home, she had the vet implant the microchip and verify that it worked. Now she says she feels he won’t go missing again.

young black cat

Picture via Twitter of Barnaby before his escape

Laughing is contagious clearly

Laughing is contagious clearly

Barnaby cuddling kitten

It’s not clear if Barnaby is an indoor/outdoor kitty, but the fact is keeping your cat inside is really the best way to keep her safe. Microchipping is still a good idea because as we all know cats are clever little escape artists. They don’t face the dangers of fighting with other cats and contracting diseases. They don’t have to deal with dogs, cars, or cruel people. It’s also a good idea to make sure your cat receives the proper vaccinations as well in case of an escape.

Beautiful little Barnaby has had a wonderful change of luck being back with his family again. I hope he continues to be safe and loved.

“Brotherly love, wash basket, perfection right there,” Rachael tweeted.
Barnaby with kitten

Featured image: CREDIT: SWNS, PA

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